Pebbles in the Pond (Review)

Are you looking for a way to find some meaning and purpose as to why your life might be topsy – turvy? Why yesterday made sense, but today it does not? Everyone at one time or another experiences a tidal wave of self – doubt, grief or apprehension.

Confession: The week I felt stuck.

Yet, despite feeling a bit “stuck” in situations that I thought I had no control, I found solace and hope in a series of books written by Linda Joy and featuring a consortium of excellent contributors. I had started reading them earlier this year, but really delved in to them this week. Pebbles in the Pond (2014), is the first in the series. This book shows that behind every life changing event there is a purpose. It also demonstrated that beyond a shadow of doubt that the human spirit is resilient beyond measure.

Kindness, Social Good and Sweetness found in these Valentine’s Day Cards (Review)

I don’t often review holiday specific products on this blog. However, there was something intriguing about Peaceable Kingdom’s Valentine’s Day card collections that piqued my interest.

First, they are A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E! Not only do they have some weight and substance to them (unlike the store bought ones I use to give my kids to hand out in school), but they come with messages that are thoughtful, yet not too “sappy”.

These Clever Gadgets are Worth a Look!

Today I spent the morning at the LA GADGET EXPO in downtown Los Angeles. I was expecting an exposition chocked full of entrepreneurs showing their newest creations and devices. The reality was more an intimate gathering of students with cool ideas and small businesses showing their unique gadgets.

While smaller than expected, the LA GADGET EXPO did offer a few a very impressive companies that I feel are worth mentioning this holiday season.

No ties or perfume listed here – My #ShopSmall list!


Just a short blog to give you some ideas on where to #ShopSmall this week. Check out these suggestions that support the endeavors of family/ women owned businesses and projects. All unique and worth a “click through” to see if something catches your eye this holiday season. A special shout – out to Shara Lawrence – Weiss of MommyPerks who welcomes those with a family friendly product or service to post on her MommyPerks Facebook wall here . She does this selfishly and is just one great example of women supporting women in the small biz world!

As usual my gift recommendations often have a secondary purpose- such as giving back to an organization or helping a national or international cause. In other words I like my hard earned $$ to be given to businesses with heart and pizazz.


MOMMY PERKS in conjunction with SIGNING FAMILIES is offering a HOLIDAY CONTEST
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