mid-life crisis

This time last year…

It has been nearly a year that unplanned circumstances altered the course of my professional career. With the support of my business partners, and due to a variety of reasons, the decision was made to close 411 Voices LLC – our media marketing consortium company. When the decision was made, it was heart – wrenching. […]


If I could do it all again… I would _____________?

Over the past few weeks I have had several discussions with family, friends and acquaintances about the topic of “do overs”. Basically, If you could do it all again would you have _____?



I blinked and all the kids in my family and neighborhood grew up!  For the most part they are now either in the throes of college life or have entered and are succeeding in the workforce! How did the “kids” in my life  grow up when I stayed the same age?  Wasn’t it just “yesterday” when I […]

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