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Hang’in with My Tweeps

I know that thousands of people use Twitter everyday.  And they “follow” people who have like interests, fun tweets or are “somebody famous”.  As a person who tends to follow more than be “followed” (what can I say I am friendly)… it was a pleasure to meet a number of tweeps on my recent trip to California.

I had a great time learning about (an organization to assist people who are caregivers to their aging family members) from @SmileyChica (Denise Graab).  What fun we had hang’in out in San Fransisco at a classic 50’s diner..

Then I got to meet my pals from (@JustAskEdu and Education_Com).  These two gals (Kat Eden and Alex Bickerly) have energy to spare! And the work they do on behalf of students, teachers and parents worldwide is exceptional.  We broke bread with a “fellow” JustAsk contributor, Annie Fox (@Annie_Fox).  I must admit we all had more then our share of belly laughs over platefuls of yummy food!! And we managed to get some serious idea exchange during dinner, too.  The best part of Twitter is that there seems to be a continuous ebb and flow of ideas and biz support among those who you learn to trust and respect.  (We all agreed that “brain suckers” are not worth the follow- these “what’s in it for me tweeps ” can stay away from my twitter stream.)

I was so amused by @BabyStayAsleep (Beth Gagne).  She is so full of festivity that I couldn’t help but feel that I met my San Fran twin! BTW- her product is brilliant.  As is the one that was demonstrated at MACWORLD- the Papershow.  @Assistivetek (Brian Friedlander) made a splash with his demos and videos! Bravo to all at Macworld… And thanks to @CoachBrilliance (Astrid Stomberg) for brightening a dreary rainy day by bringing her gorgeous daughter to meet and greet me!

After five wonderful days at MacWorld, I left San Fransisco and traveled a little south to meet the gang from the Chronicles of EMS (@ChronicalesofEMS).  These friends know how to make a non-EMS person very welcome, especially in the pouring rain!  Thanks to @SamBradley11 and @Setla (Ted) I was fortunate enough always to have a warm cup of java in my hand.  @TheHappyMedic (Justin Schorr) kept me laughing through the taping of the three segments of the Chronicles of EMS breakout show- A Seat at the Table. We loved chatting about communication including sign language and I even got to mention on the air some of my fave communicators including @CodaWann (CallVRS- Keith Wann) and #CansonPapershow.

My twitter road trip ended in Southern California where I got to switch from ASL to Spanish with @Momtomadre.   Connie Goldin is one dynamic lady and I must admit that I enjoyed playing “musical chairs” with her so she could have her shade and I my sunshine! I look forward to our continued brainstorming of future projects.  And it has been a blast shopping, dining and laughing with my favorite gal-pal,  mi hija, @NatashaSattler.  I am amazed how much she has accomplished in such a short time since she moved to LA.  Auditions, new headshots and filming!

I leave California in 12 hours and will be welcomed at LAX by #SWA (Southwest Airlines).

It sure has been nice tweeting all my new tweeps.  And if ever you doubted the power of Twitter or social media in general – well, I believe that I am one of many success stories as to why entrepreneurs need to network with others.  However, one must adhere to a few important rules- give more than you take, play nice, don’t stalk and be constructive – not negative.  These rules of course are #IMHO*

TTYL.  And thanks for the #FF**

*In my humble opinion.

** Either Friend Follow or Friday Follow….depends on who is using it and what day

Can a Prescription for Chocolate, Italian Ices and Laughter be Bad for You?

Hello and thanks to all who follow this blog and have been of tremendous support during the past weeks of my new role as “Cancer Warrior Goddess”.   I am pleased to announce that my self prescribed usage for medicinal purposes of  chocolate, italian ices and laughter were just the right ingredients to kill off enough cancer cells to make me up and running again.  I simply need to swallow some hi- test nuclear gizmo to eradicate whatever little varmints are left in a couple of months. With any amount of luck (and chocolate) I will be making the Cancer Free Victory Dance sometime in late Spring!

Anyway, back to my “prescriptive” care.  For the first time in my life I have given myself permission to eat as much chocolate as I want.  I lost weight this week.  Evidently if you balance a diet of chocolate with italian water ices then you have a sound and effective diet plan.  Laugh while chewing and you are really burning calories by the dozens.

I also found out some other funny stuff this week.  Since, I have a hoarse voice (post surgery complication to subside in a few more days)… I have resorted to signing more.  No biggie in this family.  Also, I whisper to those who don’t sign when my voice is really hoarse.  Now I need to ask….why do people insist on fake signing or whispering back?  I think it is hysterical to watch this set of human behavior.  Whole teams of doctors and nurses trying to “fake” sign is a riot!  Especially when you understand ASL and can “read” what nonsense they are “saying”.

And lastly, I found out the “junior doctors” are adorable and quirky.  Earlier  this week I had a post op appointment with my Senior Top Doc, Junior Doc and two “wanna be, but not fully there yet- docs” (notice they are docs with a little “d”).  The two wanna be docs didn’t say a word.  I don’t think they blinked either.  Somehow they looked scared but ended up following Senior Top Doc … Hmmmm.  Anyway- back to why Junior Docs are adorable… my Junior Doc had weird terminology and “explanations” of my symptoms.  For example, when I described post surgical neck pain he answered, “Feels like you have been hit by lightening?”.  Well, let me think about this.  How many patients, who also have thyroid cancer, ALSO are hit by lightening and come to this practice?  Please tell me that “Thyca” is not a prerequisite to being hit by a thunderbolt!  When I suggested that the pain was more like a spasm and perhaps the feeling of a “bee sting” he thought that was by far a better explanation.  I guess a course in “descriptive terms of patient symptoms that are acceptable, relatable and actually possible” should be added to Junior Doc’s curriculum.  I can only hope.  If not, I may slip him a few “key phrases” hidden in a chocolate wrapper.

Have a great day and thanks for reading!


The Imperials- Still Standing After All These Years!

I remember when I was younger and would watch television shows like Merv Griffin and Ed Sullivan.  It was soooo exciting to see “contemporary” artists like the Beatles, Sonny and Cher and ELVIS!!  Well, The Imperials can tell you first hand what it was like to be sharing the spotlight with the great King from Memphis.  This group who is deeply rooted in to Christian music with country soul are back with their new album- Still Standing!
I had an opportunity to share time with new member, Rick Evans. He conveyed so many great stories.  And… we even chatted about the Super Bowl!  Enjoy a few moments listening to my show- Where Learning Meets Laughter (HerInsight Media)

Please visit The Imperials  website!  And of course, their  great album is available on itunes here:

Enjoy the interview and photo gallery of The Imperials.

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Great Women Bloggers, Part 2- Sharon Silver, Margaret McSweeney, Debi Taylor, Jenna Riggs and Beth Engleman

I wrote a blog earlier this month that highlighted some of my favorite women bloggers.  That blog was just the beginning.  Please meet some more of my favorite women bloggers and know that there WILL be a Part 3 forthcoming!


It is not easy being a parent and juggling all there is to do in a course of a day!  Sometimes raising a family and trying to be a good employee can conflict.  Sharon is there to be the voice of reason.  Known to many by her popular website: .  Sharon also can be found on and soon in a bookstore near you with her soon to be released parenting book.  You will love getting to know Sharon Silver through the many media outlets simply at your fingertips.  I am proud to call her a friend for life!

Connect with Sharon on Twitter as @Sharon_Silver



Margaret McSweeney is one of the kindest and gentlest souls I have EVER met!  She mixes southern charm with good old city “know how” in all she does.  Her passion is to help and support girls/women in crisis.  She is deeply rooted in her Christian faith, however is open to discussing on her blog all kinds of topics.  I truly am a fan.  Margaret, like me, is also an addict of the FLIP Camera! Connect with Margaret on Twitter as @McSweeney



Beth Engelman

I first met Beth a few months ago in sunny, albeit windy, Chicago.  She is a stitch!  I must say that I love a woman who brings her laptop to a meet and greet lunch!  She is non-stop, highly caffeinated and ultra groovy.  She also is a terrific talent, writer and a single mom.  Her agenda is to help families, especially mom’s post-divorce.  You will LOVE Beth and her Mommy On a Shoe String partner- JENNA RIGGS. I have never met, Jenna in person, but we both have an interest in children’s literacy and the arts.  She also is a media personality and quite the traveler.  She and Beth have been best friends since college.  You have to admire a duo that can sustain such a long and deep friendship through “thick and thin”.

You can check out all of Jenna’s talents on

Click here for  a peek at Beth’s iVillage video:


Debi Taylor is the Spirit of Autism

Sometimes you meet people virtually and just know that you could be the best of friends because you both strive for a common cause- that is how I felt when I “met” Debi Taylor from the Sprit of Autism.  This mom of a child with Autism also dedicates her energies to being an EMT.  She has written some of the soundest informational packets to help Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT) learn more about helping children with Autism.  I admire her stamina and love her blog. Connect with Debi on TWITTER – @SpiritofAutism

Check it out here: Look for the tabs regarding CERT info, too!


Who comprises the next set of GREAT WOMEN BLOGGERS?

In no certain order as they are all GROOVY GALS!

Shara Lawrence-Weiss of

Wendy Young of

Lisa Callsen of

and Momentrepreneur and life coach- Britt Michaelian

Thaddeus Setla- Helping Train and Entertain EMS

Emergency Medical Services (EMS) is a topic I have written about several times in within this blog.  Many of you are familiar with my interest for educating paramedics, trauma specialists and nurses how to use sign language effectively  with people who use sign as their primary or secondary mode for communication. The response has been overwhelmingingly positive thanks to the help of a few friends, Thaddeus Setla included!

Thaddeus is known throughout the EMS community as the filmmaker and catalyst behind the Chronicles of EMS  (CoEMS) and a fun little forum known as a Seat at the Round Table.   Chronicles of EMS is a series which has garnered the attention of people within the film and EMS communities as an outstanding independent attempt to have everyday people and EMS personnel sneak a peek in to the life and times of daily medical services within the field.  Whether the Chronicles of EMS spotlights a serious critical incident or how EMS personnel are called in to action simply to find out that a homeless person is seeking free medical care and attention in a hospital, the stories are always interesting.

I had the opportunity to interview Thaddeus and will hope to do so again, soon!  I also am privileged to have been invited to San Fransciso in order to film a segment, two or three regarding special needs children and how EMS can best assist them during a medical or disaster event.

Here is our interview and also please visit and SUPPORT the Chronicles of EMS. This quality filmmaker and the people involved with CoEMS deserve a shot in the spotlight through PBS, Discovery Health Channel or any other network which cares about showing a quality story to many.

Here is our interview on the VIMEO CHANNEL (and when I can figure out how to get it to upload correctly- it will appear here too):

Yes, Virginia- Sane People do Shop BLACK FRIDAY!!

If you are following this blog then you know then that our family and friends have celebrated quite a bit of “festivus” this week.  We had not one but two Thanksgiving dinners, immediately (and I mean pronto) followed by Chanukah.  Within hours of cleaning the Thanksgiving meal and opening the early Chanukah exchange of gifts was the commencement of Black Friday!

Why did we subject our entire family to Black Friday?  What did we need so desperately that we drove in darkness to stores late at night?  The answer is simply- TRADITION!!   Yep, we hit the roads a little before midnight to go to WALMART in order to partake in midnight madness.  Small appliances, a must have for every new apartment owner, was at the top of my daughter’s list.  Toy Story 3 and the Little Pet Shop super set both were on sale AND on the list of our adopted holiday family.  An awesome three piece set of JEEP luggage was a steal at $30.  Not on the list, but I rationalized the need for this item all the way to the cash register.

We arrived home with six full bags and toting my new wheelie luggage around 1:30 a.m. only to catch a few winks and be back up and at STAPLES by 8 a.m.  Again, coffee and donuts were at my favorite little Black Friday store and so were ALL the computer tech geekie stuff we were looking for.  My fave pick here- a wonderful digital picture frame and a wireless router.   STAPLES hands down received the “most prepared” award.  The store was thoughtfully set up so that ALL the highlighted advertised items were easily accessible.  And of course, did I mention there was coffee!?

And when all was said and done the biggest gift I received was a night filled of family togetherness and laughter.  The total bill amount was not much compared to all the warm fuzzies I felt.. which were priceless.  I hope if you are reading this blog that you too have had a holiday season filled with good cheer and lots of “warm fuzzies”.

Thanks for reading!

Black Friday/ Small Biz Saturday/ Cyber Monday- My Picks!

I would like to think that I come from a  family lineage which includes lots of great shoppers.  It often has astonished me that NONE of my family members were named “CLEARANCE” or “SALE”.

Seriously, I would be remiss if I didn’t share with you some Black Friday/ Small Business Saturday or Cyber Monday secrets and top picks!   I also encourage you to add your own!


Electronics! I must tell you that this is the year of the “i”.…. iPad, iPhone, iMac ,iHOME and more.  Also the MAC AIR has been given a hearty thumbs up by techies around the world.  I for one have loved the applications that can be added to the iPad and iPhone.  So, take advantage of this years’ sales… particulary VERIZON who is rolling out the 4G version of the iPhone with a special plan.

I also am a PC lover, too.  I don’t discriminate.  I own both MACs and PCs.  Electronic stores love me.

Furthermore, great bargains can be snatched up for GPS systems, television sets and Bluetooth devices.  I know that STAPLES, BEST BUY and other box stores are advertising amazing sales for these items.  Just be forwarned- go early to get the best deals.  And if you plan on taking advantage of WALMART and TARGETs sales- be prepared to bring a meal, a line holder (meaning a second person while you escape to “potty”) and warm/comfortable clothing!   Look online before you shop.  Sometimes they offer free shipping and that means you can sleep in on Friday!

And give the gift of learning to your family with one of my favorite choices-ROSETTA STONE.  Consider pairing a Rosetta Stone language set with a surprise trip to another country!    Nothing beats the Winter blues then a trip to Italy or the South of  France!


Every locale has great stores that are known in the area.  This would be a great time to snatch up an item that you have spied for some time and have  waited for the price to be a bit more to your liking.  Don’t forget that wine stores often have holiday specials during the weekend and are mainly family owned businesses.  Also, outdoor and sporting equipment shops- like bike stores- can be a super choice for gift buying.  Compare and save!

In addition, don’t forget the ONLINE small businesses.  No time is better than the present to look for a very special PRESENT!  Consider perusing online catalogs of well known mom groups.  And if you are one to gander over Craigslist you may find local businesses advertising there , too.  Just buyer beware and please be safe about using online sites such as Craigslist!

I have scoped out several mom and pop shops that are ONLINE- these are some of my new faves:

Tea Pots PEACOCK POTTERY–  Check out the great ceramic gifts straight from Poland.  I loved the Christmas Ornaments and must confess did not wait until Small Biz Saturday to order!  They are already in my home and wrapped!

The BOYS STORE– This is a unique store with “stuff” only for the testesterone makers in your home! It is so much fun to peruse this website.  I loved it! Owned by

Suzanne Remington who I interviewed.  Listen to the interview here:  Louise Interviews Boys Store Owner- Suzanne Remington

Seasons of My Heart - a Culinary Journey through Oaxaca, Mexico SEASONS OF MY HEART! ¡Me gustan mucha Susanna Trilling y SEASONS OF MY HEART ! “

This is a company owned by Susanna Trilling who has created an authentic and fun cook book- SEASONS OF MY HEART! This is not a “how to make an easy taco” cookbook, but an authentic read about  Mexican culture juxtapose  with amazing recipes. This is the ultimate coffee table book, too!   If you have a person in your home that LOVES to cook Mexican food (caliente!) then this is the gift for you! Available online at

Susanna also offers a destination vacation/cooking class in her very own Oaxaca, Mexico kitchen!   English and Spanish are spoken in her kitchen!

CYBER MONDAY–  Cyber Monday is Black Friday for those who don’t want to move off their desk chairs!  Or for people like me who need to continue the shopping frenzy a few more days!  Best deals can be found on virtually any website- particulary those who are HUGE like AMAZON, EBAY, and more.   Don’t forget other great niche sites too, like SIGNALS.

And when all else fails or the creative juices stop flowing….. there are always gift cards!

Louise Sattler is a “professional shopper” who also finds time to be a psychologist, owner of SIGNING FAMILIES™ and a media personality (HerInsight Media Network).

She too participates as a biz owner in Saturday SMall Business Shopping Day.  Order from SIGNING FAMILIES™ via PAYPAL on Saturday, Nov. 27th with PAYPAL and Louise will rebate you 10%.  Shipping is free, too! (US and Canada only)

FIND LOUISE’s PRODUCTS and many others here at Holiday Gift Guide, 2010

Happy Chanuk-Giving-FriSaturday- an updated post!


In just a few short days  our family will be starting a holiday marathon!  Thursday brings us “technically” Thanksgiving which this year will be known as Chanuk-Giving-FriSaturday .  Now before you start commenting that I have lost all synapses in my brain- hear me out.  We celebrate Chanukah in this household.  (A minor Jewish holiday made very important thanks to Hallmark and a few other corporations.)  As the stars and moons would have it- this year the Jewish calendar mandates that we celebrate Chanukah the first week in December, not even a full week after  USA Thanksgiving.  Since our family will be together on Thanksgiving we decided that sharing gifts only a few short days early won’t be so terrible. So, as soon as we clear the Thanksgiving dishes we will crack out the menorah and an assortment of dreidels. I am really hoping that no one spills gravy on the Thanksgiving tablecloth as that could interrupt the velocity of  these charming wooden and plastic tops.

As soon as the dreidels are spun, latkes are cooked and presents are exchanged we will then celebrate another family holiday- BLACK FRIDAY.  Of course, I would like to think that ALL my holiday shopping will be accomplished before Thanksgiving, but why bother!  Black Friday has become a family tradition and is often just too much fun to pass up.   It begins with the ritual scanning of the internet and newspapers  a week prior.  Then after Thanksgiving we “map out” the course we will take.  If necessary, we achieve maximum coverage by dividing and conquering in three separate cars.  Phones will be charged for last minute consultations.  And of course, we will all have a copy of “THE LIST”.  This list consists of priority items first, followed by “if it is a good sale items”, and ending with “just because”.    One year a new television went from “just because” to “priority” in a matter of seconds due to the testerone makers in our household deeming it so!

While others choose their routes by best sales, opening times, and proximity to other stores- I determine my top picks by who has coffee ready and waiting for the early bird customers who have yanked their bodies out of bed at 4 a.m.  Last year I ditched the testesterone makers at an electronic store while I hopped over to Staples.  While waiting at 5:45 for the doors to open I was treated to not only FREE and hot coffee but a Dunkin Donut (and not the boring kind of donut either!) I could care less how long the lines were after the first half of the caffeinated cup hit my bloodstream and I even purchased a few “just because” items .

Then after a well needed nap we will now start to plan for a brand new family event- SMALL BUSINESS SHOPPING SATURDAY!  This is when you focus all your attention and wallets on small businesses…. if you need a little help with direction may I suggest that you start at MOMMY PERKS–  Supporting work at home parents (WAHM) and small biz parents is good for the economy.  Consider it a warm fuzzy shopping experience.

Now feel free to share your family holiday celebrations or tips on this years’ best Black Friday deals. Happy Chanuk-Giving-FriSaturday everyone!

To listen to Shara, owner of MommyPerks, explain the importance of work at home parents and how she put together the Holiday Guide listen here: on 2010-11-17 at 15.24

Louise Sattler is a psychologist, owner of Signing Families™,  host on HerInsight Media, wife and mom!  This year she is looking forward to discovering great stories from real fun and funny people for her new Educast series.  Want to join in on the fun?  Submit your story to Louise at for consideration.

Meet Lisa Callsen- aka CODA DIVA!

Lisa Callsen is an intriguing, dynamic and energetic speaker delivering an inspirational message.  As a hearing child of Deaf parents, she identifies with being a Coda (children of deaf adults). The only speaker of her kind, takes you into her journey of living in a Deaf household and dealing with the hearing culture. She is bi-lingual and bi-cultural. Her story will educate and encourage you. She believes we all have a story, she’ll engage you, empowering you to embrace your own identity, culture and diversity.

Coming up soon for Lisa- The Coda365 tour (visit for more information!)

Connect with Lisa on TWITTER as @CODADIVA

Watch our interview here:


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