VISION GLOBAL WIFI – In search of bloggers/ influencers and those who love to travel! (Part 2)

I recently  penned a preview of the Vision Global WIFI   pocket systems.  Today, I will be sharing my experiences as a user of these products.

I first was introduced to the Vision Global WIFI  product line while attending the LA TRAVEL and ADVENTURE SHOW.  I had just returned from Japan, so immediately felt an overwhelming source of irony that I had spent ten days while in Japan seeking viable WIFI options would find them in my own backyard just a day after my return!

After several meetings with representatives from Vision Global WIFI, I agreed to take two of their products out for a “test run” and also have an affiliate account  if others were interested.  (Consider this my disclaimer, too.)

The two products I have been using are their G2: 4G Wireless Data Terminal for international and United States data needs and the MiFi device by Verizon, strictly for use within the USA.  Both arrived within a day of my ordering and were packaged with all the accessory ancillary pieces in one nice carrying pouch.

IMG_4316.JPG       IMG_8584


The G2/4G is a hunk of a powerful tool.  It is a little bit hefty but, when you consider you are able to connect with lightening speed to WIFI it is worth the few extra ounces.  This device  came with international connections – to help with recharging, etc. I would definitely suggest this product to those “on the go” with their travels.  That includes bloggers and influencers who need to be “always on the ready” for their trips.

NOTE: Keep in mind that Global Vision WIFI is seeking bloggers/ influencers for their new affiliate program, so if that describes YOU – connect here.




In all honestly, I have been toting around the MiFi device for a few weeks now and love it.  As you may know, I often am working as a social media correspondent in places that have little to no WIFI.  You would think that a major hotel or red carpet would come equipped with WIFI – but no such luck.  In lieu of eating up my data plan, I have been using this MiFi device and give it two thumbs up.  The cost is almost a “break even” if I was to increase my personal data plan instead of using this device. The advantage is that other media correspondents and myself could connect to the same device at the same time. Thus, we didn’t waste unnecessary data on five devices.

The plusses are many, but one of my favorites is the seemingly endless battery life.  I am not the best at recharging WIFI units, but this one seems to have an extra long battery life and that has saved me many times.  Here is an example, just this past week I was visiting at the magnificient Terranea Resort.  While my friend and her hotel room had WIFI we had so many devices going at once during our work meeting I was afraid we wouldn’t get super connectivity.  Then we heard a band playing outside her room.  What a concert?  Yes, indeed!  Apparently, One Republic was booked at the resort for a private concert and we had first row seats! Now I needed a stronger signal to record this impromptu event and didn’t want to use a ton of my data – so I popped out my Vision Global MiFi device and three of us were able to record and post to social media without any interruption in service or connection.  The device was still charged after being in purse for almost a week!

Takeaway- have this device in your pocket/ pocketbook for those times when you need WIFI and a strong signal without wanting to use your data plan.



I recently interviewed Luke Nakagawa, representative from Vision Global WIFI.  Here’s more of the scoop:

(Louise) How many devices can connect to these WIFI devices?

(Luke) One device can connect up to 5 devices. Great for family vacations.

(Louise) Where are users able to get services?

(Luke) The G2 can be used in more than 60 countries alone. (That is the device I mentioned above).  We cover more than 130 countries with all the devices available. 

( Louise) What about service in the United States?

( Luke) The US device is mainly for customers that visit US, not customers looking to rent for domestic use. 

(Note: I would almost have to add that US customers would like this device if they are going places where they don’t want to use their data, such as vacations, media correspondents, travel by Recreational Vehicle, sporting events, etc.)

( Louise) Any discounts or incentives?
(Luke) After 13 days our long-term discount kicks in so looking at a more affordable connection up until 30days.
The extra message from Vision Global WIFI is simply…  If you are a blogger or influencer and often travel – they want to talk with you. 







I love working with authors.  Their creative juices inspire me to want to be a better writer and I love the process of seeing a book soar from shelves in to the homes of readers.  Creating a social media campaign to promote a book that is about to be launched can be exciting and, at times, a bit of a rollercoaster.  My newest client is the amazing and lovely Tricia LaVoice.  A woman who writes from the heart and doesn’t hold anything back!    I have known Tricia for a number of years, love her candor,  and was happy to help her launch her new book.  However, when I heard the title I must admit it took me a bit “off guard”!

My first reaction was – “I wonder how Dear Martha, WTF? will play in Peoria?”  And exactly what is this book about that warrants such a strong title!  So, during a 14 hour flight to Japan I took “Dear Martha, WTF? (DMWTF)  out of my carry-on  and read it nearly in a single sitting.  When I closed the back cover it was clear – “Dear Martha, WTF?” was the perfect title!

It may help for you to know my “take-aways” from the book:

  1. This author’s memoir is a raw and honest account of losing not one, not two but three members of her family.  The pain and anguish she feels is palatable.
  2. Author Cheryl Strayed  had been an inspiration for Tricia after she read WILD. (They even met for the first time this past month).  You walk away feeling inspired and awestruck about the resiliency of spirit, such as with WILD.
  3.  Many have said that DMWTF  is the perfect book for readers who enjoyed  The Giving Tree or Eat Love Pray.  I can see that.
  4. The book is chocked full of personal accounts of friendship, love, loss and examples of resiliency. A perfect book for a bookclub discussions.  (She does have a book club integrated as part of  her website.)  
  5. Humor is generously sprinkled throughout this narrative
  6. Oh and “Martha” is a tree.  A pine tree that helps the author  realize that she needs “roots” to carry on after the trifecta of tragedy.  When exasperated by life she finds comfort in her backyard yelling – “DEAR MARTHA, WTF?”  Now you know the reason why this book has its’ title and it fits perfectly!


MEET MARTHA (dragged) 1


Anatomy of a book launch

It has been interesting  having a front row seat to the launch of this book.  Being the  social media support arm to this book launch campaign, I have had the privilege to get to know her audience and see the excitement build.  There are so many people who want to engage with Tricia across platforms.    Her love of the outdoors, yoga and focus on her family and friends are  topics that I am sure will resonate with many. of her   7K followers on Facebook. 

The hashtag is #DearMarthaWTF (of course)! 

If you pick up a copy of the book, Tricia would love to say hello on social.  Use the hashtag #ReadingDearMartha 

This week will be one chocked full of book launch events as the OFFICIAL release date is April 10, 2018.  TV interviews, book signings and a launch party for the press are all planned.  Tricia plans on venturing on to TalkShop.Live, too!  I look forward to seeing this book “fly off of shelves”.

Ready to start reading?  You can find Dear Martha, WTF? online (Amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc.) and also at local bookstores.  The book is published by Post Hill Press – so feel free to connect with them, too!


Meeting author, Cheryl Strayed       1200x800-1DCF8I2




Need an alternative to your current WIFI source? Consider this option, I am.

Have you ever traveled to a place that has pretty slim pickings when it comes to WIFI friendly establishments? Or have ended up in a hotel that wants to charge you $8 or more a day for a single device use? Maybe you are at a conference and the venue isn’t providing free WIFI except for in the lobby. And my personal favorite – when your own WIFI service doesn’t work in port when you are on a cruise. For a person like me, who is WIFI dependent, a frequent traveler and often can’t “do without”, I need reliable WIFI?

Recently, I met at the LA TRAVEL and ADVENTURE SHOW my solution to help me out –  Vision Global WIFI.  This company offers pocket sized portable WIFI  hotspots that can be flexible with their service packages and powerful enough for five devices to work off a single device. Great for people on the go, go, go!

Based in Japan, Vision Global WIFI, has a huge presence in Asia between their Wifi device rentals and their popular SIM card business.  Now they are seeking to “break-out” in to the United States market with a robust social media marketing campaign.

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First, let’s learn how it works.  In the United States you can order via this easy link and it will arrive FedEx. Be sure to let them know the exact length of your rental needs.  The rental starts from your departure date from the US until the return date to the US.  Next, request to learn about the options for rental devices.  Chances are you will rent their most popular and agnostic device that can provide you with Wifi access across 130 countries!  Next decide on a plan. It is important to convey the exact length of your needs –  14 days, 30 days, etc.

Unlike other plans, a major differentiator is that  FIVE devices can use the same equipment as long as you are within radius and for usually less money that running competitor versions or racking up data usage bills on your mobile phone plans.

Once the device is literally “in hand” set-up is easy peasy! 

Step 1: Turn on the WIFI device and set your telephone / computer/ tablet to receive a WIFI signal


Step 2: When the device is on you will see the WIFI address. Look for the address on your personal device, as well.  



Step 3: Add the password that will appear under the Wifi Name (my photo does not show this for security reasons.)

Step 4: When you return from your trip or the period of loaning is completed- be sure to return pronto!

Now, I am about to embark on using the above Vision Global WIFI device in order to give an authentic review of the actual workability.  So far, during my set-up process, I was duly impressed.  It was less than two minutes and I was set up and ready to use the incredibly fast WIFI.

Note:  I am receiving this device free of charge in exchange for an honest review. But, I promise to let you know the pros and cons, as transparency is what social media should be all about.

I also learned that other travel reviewers are being sought. So, if you are one who would like to learn more I  offer you this email to connect.

Stay tuned for my updates!

Ready to try it now instead of waiting for my review?  Here is a sign up link  that will let the folks at Vision Global WIFI know that you read this blog and want to rent their product!



Gems for Gems: I found a “Sparkly” Heart at Celebrity Connected!

Happy International Women’s Day!


About four times a year I receive an invitation to partake at a Celebrity Connected Gifting Suite.  This company, owned by Gene Sheynis , packs beautiful venues with vendors all waiting to meet and greet celebrities and have an opportunity to discuss with them the wonders of their product or service.

Media Invitation - Honoring The Academy AwardsAfter nearly five years of attending these gifting suites I have become friendly with many of the Celebrity Connected staff and really admire their keen eye for picking out brands.  Recently, they have increased the number of companies “with a purpose” – meaning those who have a desire to “give back” with a cause.  I love meeting folks who truly care about making a difference!

This time it was my friend and associate –  Photographer Joy Daunis, who spotted Gems for Gems first at the Oscar gift suite.  Apparently, her initial encounter with them left such a huge impression that she came “flying” over to me and said that I shouldn’t delay meeting them. I am glad I listened to Joy, as she was  right- they were amazing,  inspirational and “sparkly” people!


At the Gems for Gems Booth  (photo by Joy Daunis of


Jordan Guildford is the founder of Gems for Gems.  She and I had an opportunity to meet during the gift suite and subsequently spoke on the phone.  She is simply the rock to this organization and someone who I think will keep Gems for Gems going for a long time!
I asked Jordan to answer some questions for me to share more about her Canadian based charity looking to have outreach in the United States.  I also have copied below their powerful mission statement from their website.    Please take a few moments to learn more about Gems for Gems – the Calgary Canadian group with a huge HEART!

 From the Gems for Gems website:

Gems for Gems is a Calgary based Charity whose mission is to ‘Empower Women to Empower Themselves’. Through the collaborative efforts of corporations and community, this heart centered organization works with shelters to change the lives and futures of women who have experienced abuse. It is our belief that within each woman exists a hero, ready to save the day. We teach, inspire and motivate, through our three initiatives, to bring out that hero in each woman we work with….

        1) The Christmas Jewelry Drive 

       2) The Zero to Hero Series 

       3) The Scholarship Program

Screenshot 2018-03-08 16.21.02 
(Question 1: Louise Sattler: LS) We met at the Celebrity Connected Oscar Gift Suite (CCOGS). Did you find any of the celebrities sharing their experiences with domestic violence (either as a victim or as a child of a victim) with you?
(Answer 1: Jordan G (JG): Yes! Our whole team was blown away by how willing so many were to share their personal stories… Many cried with us as intimate moments were shared. It was incredibly moving.

(Question 2 : LMS):   What are some of the reasons you wanted to attend CCOGS? Did you accomplish those roles.
(Answer 2 : JG):   We were invited to attend this past summer and our goal right from then was to (hopefully) get pictures with as many celebs that were willing and had our fingers crossed for some videos supporting the Gems for Gems cause….
What we actually received blew us away! We were never denied a picture, we have countless videos, and over 25 celebrities have given us their personal information to be able to work with us moving forward. it was just incredible and we are very much on a high!

(Question 3: LS):  I know that you are asking for donation of jewelry? Why? And what is it used for?

(Answer 3: JG):  Gems for Gems began with a Christmas Jewelry Drive in which women donate their ‘like-new’ jewelry to our charity. Our team cleans it and gives packages of them to the women who have survived domestic abuse, and are living in the shelters, on Christmas morning!
Gifts donated with high value are appraised and will be auctioned in support of our Gems for Gems Scholarship Program being launched this year! All donations are very much appreciated and we would love as much support as we can get!

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(Question 4: LS) How long has Gems for Gems been around?
(Answer 4 JG): Gems for Gems began Christmas 2015! 

(Question 5: LS): . Biggest accomplishment so far?

(Answer 5: JG) Without a doubt, the contacts we gained from attending the Celebrity Connected Luxury Gifting Suite. I am still blown away.


(Question 6 LS):  Your plans for the next year?  Next 3-5 years?

 (Answer 6: JG).  GROWTH! Our greatest desire is to positively affect the horrendous statistics on domestic abuse. We are definitely wanting to expand to the U.S.A. and will do so once our program is strong and producing the desired results in Canada. We have a very proactive approach to this staggering issue and want to create lasting change for each woman in our Scholarship Program as we assist in ending the cycle of abuse. 

For our team, the most important mission is to show each woman she can be her own hero. This situation can be turned around for herself and her children. We believe education is the key to empowering each woman and, through the ability to stand on her own feet financially and emotionally, the dependency on her abuser will be severed.

(Question 7 LS): Do you have any resources for people who need your services but are Deaf or have family members with Disabilities or disorders such as Autism?
(Answer 7: JG): Thankfully the shelters are a safe place for all coming from an abusive situation. Through our  Scholarship Program  all applicants with the desire to turn their situation around will have an equal opportunity to be awarded a scholarship. The schools we are partnering  with will echo our belief that we are all equals no matter what disabilities or disorders we have. We all have our hurdles to overcome. Some have more, some less, some can be seen and others are internal. Gems for Gems seeks to create change this area for all.

(Final Question/ LS):  How can my audience in the United States help?
( Final Answer / JG). We would absolutely love to have jewelry donations sent in of any value! Items of higher vale can be sent in with a note explaining the purpose of the donation is to support the Gems for Gems Scholarship Program as mentioned above. (mailing address below)
We are also happy to take donations of any amount toward the scholarships! We are  also open to naming one after a business or individual if the entire costs are covered. 
Support can also be as simple as spreading the word! Talk about Gems for Gems and think about those who may wish to get further involved! We are ALWAYS open to collaborative ideas!

Screenshot 2018-03-08 17.39.32

Mailing Address
Gems For Gems
PO Box Seton PO
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
T3M 1Y6
Please go get  “gently used” gems and send them in to help their cause. The address provided above!

Photos from Celebrity Connected    (Snapped by Joy Daunis of

Winter Activities For Kids That May Lead to Some “Dough”.

The east coast is going to be hit again with potentially another foot of snow and that means a lot of kids will be  home from school.  What to do to beat the “winter time blues”? Here are some ideas that may result in more than keeping the kids busy on a winter day…

  1. Pillows / empty boxes / blankets over a couch and table make the perfect fort!  Include some flashlights, books and board games to make the perfect “camp”.  If you have a group of budding musicians consider challenging them to write a song with music and lyrics.   Think the song has potential? Check out websites for submission,  such as this one.
  2. Create your own board game.  Kids can be super creative.  Offer them the suggestion to submit to the HASBRO gaming lab their idea. Rules and more can be found here.   As an incentive – they are offering some substantial cash prizes and awesome opportunities to meet them in their lab. HASBRO, of course, is a giant in the board game world. Read the rules and terms carefully, before entering.
  3. Create a recipe – then bake it! Of course, supervision is important in any and all activities that I would suggest. But, especially when it comes to using appliances, such as an oven.  Who knows – you  may actually have a budding chef under your roof! Did you know that offers a way to submit your own creations? Check it out here And, has a multitude of podcasts and recipes for novice and more experienced cooks to try!
  4. Attention Young Authors! Break the winter blahs by inviting your kids to stir their creative writing talents and create a short story for submission. Due diligence is necessary as writing for publication is a tough journey. However, for those who want to venture on this path check  out this article.  

There are many great ways to keep kids who are “stuck” inside busy! Share your ideas below and remember to do your due diligence if submitting to any of the above websites. Good luck and Enjoy!


Lessons Learned from a Cemetery

There are a lot of valuable lessons I learned while recently traveling to Japan.  However, the Japanese culture for burials is one that fascinated me.  Hubby and I spent quite a bit of time in Kyoto in a massive cemetery. This one was close to the Gion district in an area known as Higashiyama-Ku / Kiyomizu.

There is true beauty in the way that the Japanese organize their cemeteries.  Like much of Japan, there are clean lines (architecturally), symbolism and a deep sense of tradition. I was taken aback by the amount of small gifts left at so many of the tombstones.  From cups of green tea, flowers and even Saki bottles!  Many had hanging Ojuzu (Buddhist prayer beads), as well.   As a practicing Jew, I am accustomed to leaving stones at the gravestones of beloved family.  But, a Saki bottle – well that kind of took me by surprise and frankly, made me smile.

I decided to learn about the Japanese customs for caring for their cemeteries. This was a very useful  link,  if you are so inclined to read more, too. ( Funerals, which I did not witness, is about honoring the deceased’s ancestry. )

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Please, excuse my ramblings … but, I am pissed

I am pissed. (Sorry Mom, but I have to use this strong language)

I am pissed because our children are being bullied by the very people who should be protecting them, encouraging them and nurturing their endeavors. Who should be seeing that the futures of our youth are as bright as the sun and not dark as a storm looming.

I am pissed because we now live in a society where the children need to act as leaders and the leaders are acting like spoiled and bratty children.

I am pissed because teachers who walk in to schools every day to accomplish one goal… give each of their student’s the best education possible against all odds – now are being asked to engage in gun fights. Seriously! Are we the wild, wild west?!

I am pissed because when I travel abroad people ask me if I am embarrassed to be a citizen of the United States because of our leaders’ obvious lack of common sense and good judgment?!

I am pissed because our leaders are adding to the problem by deflecting blame versus putting their high paid education to use and creating sensible solutions.

I am pissed because our leaders are not doing their job by enacting any semblance of a comprehensive and well thought out plan, but act like the “Keystone Cops” with methods of bullying and worse.

I am pissed because I work in social media with the goal to use it to make a positive difference in the world, while others may be using it for destructive reasons. Anyone who works in social media and understands its’ power will tell you that some conversations are best left OFF the Twitterfeed and BEST to be done IRL (in real life).

I am pissed because my dear friend has to live a “new normal” – knowing that each day she and her daughter will remember how a shooter nearly took this young innocent teen’s life and succeeded in taking the lives of 17 of her classmates, including close friends.

I am pissed that children throughout our world go to bed and have nightmares that aren’t “bad dreams” but are due to their daytime reality.

I am pissed that the problems of our communities, country and world are so enormous that we don’t even know where to begin to make it better.

But… perhaps I am hopeful that the youth of our world may just have the answers that the adults in our world have refused to accept. So, I look forward to the day when each of these amazing kids can VOTE and get the naysayers who believe that their views are the only views OUT OF OFFICE and make their sentiments as obsolete as the negative and non-inclusive principles they cling to.

Until then… I just may remain pissed.


#EducationMatters #TeenVoicesCount