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Learn Online with Cudoo

There are positives and negatives to every situation. Such is the case of being “stuck” in quarantine due to COVID-19. The negatives is the lack of being with loved ones, friends and in public places. The positive is discovering new ways to keep the mind active. CUDOO is a very big positive.

CUDOO is a user-friendly online learning system with a wide variety of course topics. From foreign languages, accounting, social media and even engineering – you can expand your knowledge base with very little financial cost outlay.

After communicating with the company, who asked me to “test drive” their product, I decided to take advantage of looking at their version of American Sign Language instruction. I opted for the BUNDLE and started my way through the various lessons.

First Impressions

The dashboard and menus are very easy to negotiate. I appreciated that there was considerable content, but not too wordy or boring, about the nuances of sign language. Terminology used was common and very basic – perfect for beginners.

Clear examples are offered with each vocabulary word – both as an illustration and as a video. And, there are quizzes at the end to help with comprehension. I purposefully missed a couple and was sent back to “relearn” before moving on or getting my certificate.

Let’s chat about the certificate! It is an excellent feature as having proof of completion of a course that allows a student to add to their resume, bring to a current employer as proof of skill development and initiative or just have bragging rights!

See for yourselves!

Sometimes photos and video is a much better “explainer” than words, especially when it comes to sign language. So, I created this video to help you see the program “in action”.

There are a few things that I would recommend for this online American Sign Language course. My top request would be for additional learning levels to address more advanced ASL concepts and vocabulary. Also, games would be a fun addition or suggestions for creating games for hands on learning!

START LEARNING WITH CUDOO! A Special product link has been set up for my readers: The Product Code: LOUISESATTLER

Cudoos is priced very reasonably for individuals and families. The ASL bundle that I reviewed has a price tag of $49. As a reviewer, my disclaimer is that I received a complimentary subscription. However the opinions expressed here are 100% of my own and without input from the company.

To learn more about CUDOO go here:

“STAY AT HOME” Educational Resources for Students and their Parents/ Caregivers

Due to the Corona Virus (COVID 19), parents have been given one of the biggest challenges of their lives – teaching their children in the absence of teachers, structured curriculum and school support. That means parents, regardless of their own careers, are now home assuming the role of their child’s / children’s teacher.

Educators and parents all have one goal – to keep the learning curve going up while the COVID 19 curve declines.

Parents – don’t worry! I have compiled a long and comprehensive list of educational resources for you. Some of these links are chocked full rich content. One link may lead you to dozens more – so take your time and peruse! Good luck and feel free to comment below if you have additional websites you think we can all benefit from or just wish to comment!

STUDENT and PARENT/ CAREGIVER RESOURCES – There is a way for teachers of preschoolers to third grade to give their students a code to have entry to chosen lessons. Favorites are this LEARNING GAME LINK.

Computer coding also is a favorite part of and can be found HERE is a favorite of mine! They have support for preschool, elementary, middle and high schoolers. Including calculus. There are some freebies, but for $20 you can have a year-long membership. Click here to discover more about this terrific website (And you may find some familiar Signing Families content under Sign Language Learning)

California Department of Education- Resources for All Students, All States

The CDE has put together a comprehensive list of online learning opportunities and support. This site is GREAT! Their FREE Educational tab is chocked full of interactive and very helpful resources. Seriously, this site can be an answer to a parent’s prayers for help from educators worldwide! Click here to get to the site.

Click here for the CDE super – charged resources.

PBS Learning Media

PBS offers a division of their company dedicated to direct education known as PBS Learning Media .

For younger children, there is PBS KIDS

*** THE PBS App Store is extensive and has a lot of great independent learning opportunities.


YouTube is no joke! There is some serious curriculum support and teaching happening on this social channel. Amazing teachers are available and many have offered opportunities for continued learning via their websites.

Rosetta Stone – FREE to students

Rosetta Stone has posted a free subscription to students due to the crisis. Learn more here.

Library of Congress – FREE Resources

The Library of Congress is chocked full of information. This TAB leads you to free photos and images for you to use – including learning projects.





CHADD– Children and Adults with Attention Deficit Disorder

KIDLUTIONS – Solutions for tough problems by Wendy Young, Counselor


There are a lot of resources at this link for reading, STEM and more! Click here


RESOURCES GALORE! This is a treasure trove of learning opportunities from the Manhattan Beach School Distric. Click here.

Scholastic Magazine:

There is a plethora of reading resources on the Scholastic site.


Math Planet

We are Teachers – Math help from teachers

Online Math Learning – lessons

For Students with Special Needs

TIME MAGAZINE (click for link)

10 Tech Hacks for Struggling Readers


A lot of activities and resources for our students on the spectrum.


These games are adapted to children with unique challenges. Click here and fine motor exercises can be found here.


Hello All,

If you are like my family and so many others, you are home due to “stay at home” orders from your local or state governments due to COVID-19. This blog simply is to give you food source options that you can have delivered to your home. Some are repeats from previous blogs, but worth mentioning again. I will update this list if I learn of more online food shopping sources.

IMPERFECT FOODS. They are overwhelmed but still in delivering the best they can. ( Note this info is as of the printing of this article -March 21, 2020). Fruits, vegetables and more can be found here. – image from video

Hungry Monkey Baking : I have ordered more than once from this mom who has a growing business. Her commercial kitchen is ready and waiting to bake and ship you amazing goodies! The link provided directs you to her TalkShop.Live channel where you can see her story and order directly. Flavors include Banana Chip Bread, Triple Chocolate Brownies and more!

DAKIN FARMS: Cheese, meats and much more can be ordered from this online website that is still open and shipping. Cabot Cheese uses them as a main distributor. Their story and ordering info can be found here.

Harry and David : While not a cheap option, it is a delicious one! Fruit, meats and more are available.

ZINGERMANS. Breads, tinned fish and more.

Avi GLatt Kosher Foods – high demand may mean waiting for your order. But, if you keep a kosher home, this may be a solution for you.

Also, please support your local restaurants by ordering TAKE OUT. Remember – we are all in this TOGETHER!

More Ideas to Keep Busy When You are Stuck at Home!

Hello All! What A WEEK! I hope you are all healthy and staying safe from COVID 19 (Corona Virus).

I am planning to continue posting about activities / online events that you can do to keep you and your loved ones busy during this Corona Virus pandemic crisis. Many of the sites listed below are educational and appropriate for students of most ages. Several were chosen to help reduce the boredom factor being experienced by teens and adults.

Part one of my “boredom busters” was published earlier this week and can be found here.

You will find the details and articles associated with thel suggestions below where you see CLICK HERE

Have a suggestion? Add it to the comment section – (Remember keep it G-rated!)

GUESS WHAT! You can dance with Debbie Allen! Instagram Live – Use @MsDebbieAllen to follow along

Wednesdays at 4p/ Eastern 1pm Pacific

PBS rocks with concerts, movies and more! Watch and CLICK HERE for some of your favorites for FREE!

YMCA 360- CLICK HERE On-Demand Videos

Stream BROADWAY shows for a fraction of the cost ($8.99 a month) CLICK here

BRAVO to Billboard for their LIVE AT HOME CONCERT SERIES. They have amassed quite a number superstars to join their online concert series. Click Here is the link to learn more

John Legend … Coldplay … Death Cab for Cute … Indigo Girls … and more

Listen to many A-list musicians who are “self-quarantined” but want to bring a bright moment to music-lovers. CLICK here for the scoop

The Grammy Museum is offering Education at Home opportunities! Click here for info

FREE BOOKS from this VIRTUAL LIBRARY!! No hitch. Click here

CLICK HERE: More suggestions from USA Today (100 Things to Do…)

Home? Bored? Check out this list of ideas to keep your family happy…

I, like everyone else, cannot wait for the ghastly COVID 19 (Corona Virus) to be GONE! And, like many people, I have chosen to self-quarantine. But, let’s face it- one day in the house is fine. Two or three days is not optimal. But a week, two or three? Now I have issues! I figure I am not alone manifesting a fear of the” boredom factor”. Surely there are parents who are trying to rack their brains to come up with enough activities to keep their kids busy!?! As an educator, parent and individual who bores very easily, I decided to help others by searching online sites for activities that could be fun while we wait out this “CORONA- geddon”.

Below you will find my list and I would LOVE if you add a link(s) at the bottom or an idea on how to stay busy during these challenging times. (Remember, this is a family blog – so play “nice” with your suggestions.)

1. 12 Famous Museums that have VIRTUAL tours

Or check out these 500 Museums and Galleries


San Diego:
National Zoo:

3. Love to cook and want to learn? Here you go…

TASTY – for kids and parents
Cooking Channel
Cook with Kids:

4. This channel is a HOW TO video channel for people who love to exert their creative juices:

5.  Travel without leaving home:

Travel with Angel (who I know and is so awesome!)
Rick Steves
Virtual Travel: Balloon Ride:
New Mexico Balloon Rally

6. Looking for excellent videos to watch: TEDx / Ted Talks are amazing: 

I love Brene Brown – check her out

7. Family time:
Make a piñata:ñata
Real crafts for real good gifts:
A little plug for learning sign language: or  Youtube:
And be sure to check out signed stories on YouTube for fun:

8. Entertainment/ Concerts
S. Korea orchestra:
Peabody school of music:
In fact, a lot of events were cancelled so people posted their “dress rehearsals’, etc. Here:

9. Just for fun:

The SCOTT QUINTUPLETS/ FAMILY  is some of the most fun video watching I do all day;  Take a break and watch their whole Quint journey here:

Photo: Scott Family

Other ideas!

10: Jigsaw puzzles – Amazon has a huge selection including some that used RETRO photos and memorabilia. I love the ones by WHITE MOUNTAIN best – such as the classic books puzzle below!

But wait… there is more…

11. Lego building for kids and grown-ups! Ideas can be found here from LEGO and on this website .

12: Lastly, SCRAPBOOK and PHOTO ALBUMS. NOW is the time to organize your photos, create family scrapbooks and enjoy reminiscing! Need ideas? Simply jump over to for TONS of examples and DIY projects. Also, keep in mind that Snapfish and Shutterfly are both offering HUGE discounts for photo projects.


Tag you are it! Your turn to suggest how to keep busy when you are “stuck at home”.

Shop from home suggestions to keep the economy flowing.

I am writing this blog from the comfort of my home. My (hopefully) corona virus free home. For the past few weeks “COVID-19” has been front and center in the news. First it was China’s problem. Then Italy. Now it is creeping its’ way through the United States and into our psyches.

As a person with a history of autoimmune “crap” – I decided to play it safe and limit my exposure by hanging out with Bayla at home. She isn’t too happy about our self-imposed “home-stay”.

My real reason for writing today is because my INBOX has been INUNDATED with messages about COVID 19 from companies and how they are dealing with this situation. One way to help keep their employees working and cashflow rolling is to offer online shopping opportunities and MEGA sales. I feel it is my “civic duty” to share my knowledge with you about super specials that you can take advantage of from the comfort of your home.

WAYFAIR. I have an addiction to WAYFAIR and this week they are really touting a lot of inventory in their 80% off clearance section of their website. There are some really BIG sales going on here. I checked out a lot of items (some which were sold out) and wow the selection was really great! Here were some finds that piqued my interest.


This lamp was originally $3000,00 and being sold for $333 this week

Or how about this 7 in 1 gaming table?! You can keep the whole family occupied during long days of enforced “staycations” or snow days!

IMPERFECT FOODS. Consider shopping for groceries via IMPERFECT FOODS. You will receive a plan to meet your needs such as a weekly or bi-monthly order. It can include vegetables, fruits or more (including eggs and cheeses) who were too “ugly” to make it to the grocery shelves. Their rejects are your next (cheaper) meal. They are in perfect condition to eat, just not perfect to look at.

Now you can get your essential perishables and do good for the world by not wasting food. IMPERFECT FOODS offers discounts for newbies. Here is the link. (Sorry, they do not offer any paper products, such as the super coveted toilet paper or paper towels.)

ULTA BEAUTY is offering a really terrific bonus gift to online shoppers who purchase $40 or more. While this seems pretty hefty – the gift is valued at nearly $100 and has great products. Get it while it lasts!

Other Noteworthy Deals for Home Shoppers

CRUISE VACATIONS: This poor industry has taken a hard hit – but they are still offering amazing pricing for cruises later in the year. I love my travel agent, Linda Kahn-Ferrell from The Travel Store and she can help guide you towards to the perfect cruise or other vacation. Simply call or contact her here. Ask Linda about great buys for airline travel, too.

FTD FLOWERS – If ever there was a time when we need some cheering up with a bouquet of flowers – it may just be today!

In closing, there is nothing funny or fun about the Corona Virus. But, if we must (temporarily) change the way we live – let us at least keep the economy going for the sake of our communities and families.

NOTE: I have not received any compensation or incentives from the above mentioned companies for including them in this blog. This was an organic article written based on my INBOX entries over the past few days.

If you know of a special that is running and wish to share – please add in the comment section. Thank you.

DISCLAIMER: The sales and information in this article was written Mid-March 2020. The items and sales were for this time period and may or may not be available upon you reading. However, the companies will (hopefully) be in business and worth checking out. Also, please check out my AMAZON INFLUENCER page here.

Which Candidate will I “SWIPE RIGHT” if they match my political wishlist?

Unless you are in hiding with no digital or printed news – then you know this is an election year in the United States. I have been waiting for this “season” since the last election.

I don’t want to start a political firestorm or radical debate. But, I will say this election is odd as NONE of the candidates seem to represent ME.

What to do? Super Tuesday is right around the corner! How will I decide? Can I decide?

I thought of writing a pros and cons list of each candidate. That simply will take much more time than I wish to dedicate to this quest. So, I will write a list of qualities I am looking for in the leader of the United States. I understand that I won’t find my perfect leader who will tick off all the boxes. But… I hope that I will find someone who will be the Presidential candidate who best aligns with my ” Preferred Quality List”. In other words I am seeking my political “swipe right” match.

What I want in the President of the United States is someone who ….

Exhibits rational behavior with a history of no pathology of doing harm emotionally or physically to others or him/herself

Has read and studied the US Constitution, Bill of Rights and all other important documents related to our country.

Has read and studied US HISTORY, WORLD HISTORY, and ECONOMICS.

Has read and studied about military history and the complexity of international relations during times of peace and war.

Has great family relationships

Kind to animals, children and the elderly,

More likely to give a compliment than wait for one.

Believes in the value of a great education for all people. Whether at a university or preschool.

Believes in the value of teachers, and all who mentor, guide or help others.

Believes that everyone has the right to excellent health care.

Will accept responsiblity to care for our environment

***Will represent the United States of America with integrity, dignity and humility on the world stage***.

Speaks more than one language (preference, but not a deal breaker)

Understands that there are cultural differences in this world.

Accepts people that are different.

Believes that the drug crisis is due to mental health issues and much more – That it is complicated. The same for homelessness.

Values our active military and veterans. Believes that those who have served deserve the very best in job placement, educational opportunities, health care and much more.

Uses the word WE much more than I

Is honest.

Has integrity.

Proactive vs. Reactive

Is physically healthy.’

Likes children

Accepts responsibly

Accepts collaboration.


Knows right from wrong.

Broad thinker and accepts opinions that are divergent.

Believes laughter is a good medicine.

Has a thick skin but is exceptionally kind to others.

Would risk his/her own life to save another.

Has a dog, cat, goldfish, or other pet.

Realizes that social media is for social conversation not political policy

Able to speak in a regular tone and not yell, screech or badger

and most of all HAS A MORAL COMPASS

What I don’t care about in our next president…

Gender – If the potential leader is a man/ woman or does not identify .

Religion of the potential leader

Race. I don’t care what color is their skin, eyes, or hair. I truly don’t.

What state they come from (other than their state of mind)

What political party they represent (or don’t)

If they are straight or a member of the LGBTQ… community

If they are pro or anti gun.

If they went to a top university

If they are married

If they have children

If they drive a fancy car

Their worth in dollars instead of “sense”.

As I am typing this article I have received more than one text or email from political candidates asking if I am voting for “their person”. My answer is the same- I am undecided and also I am profoundly disappointed by the behavior of all candidates. I hope that I will find a person who matches my wishlist of qualities. I hope that we will find a common sense leader who I can respect.

I have a lot of homework to do before Super Tuesday – March 3rd.


I believe that people love social media, such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and TikTok. because they are a DISTRACTION. I don’t mean a physical distraction – such as when person interrupts you from doing your job. It is the distraction of social media has become the “excuse” to be passive about current events and even open the door for people to not care about “front page news”. We have become a world that just doesn’t know the difference between “REAL BREAKING NEWS” and “REALITY TV NEWS”. In my “humble opinion” this phenomenon happens because we are victims to the social media magnet that causes our brain to be DISTRACTED!

I invite you to dive in to this topic a bit deeper with me. Here are some examples from “news” items for the week of January 20, 2020.

News Item 1. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex (aka Harry and Megan) are now “out of the senior royal family” and have moved to Canada. Good for them. I wish them, and Canada – much success.

News Item 2. A new trending hashtag (#DollyPartonChallenge) is causing a frenzy. Yes, my friends are uploading FOUR QUAD photos of ourselves with the captions FACEBOOK/ INSTAGRAM/ LINKEDIN and TINDER. I was distracted. I made one. See below. (*Blushing*)

News Item 3. Betty White had a birthday and we all have to post our well-wishes to our favorite Golden Girl! (Newsflash- she won’t read them.)

News Item 4. Eli Manning is retiring from football. (Newsflash #2 – some of us thought he already did.)

By the way, there also were two OTHER ” little” stories that seemed to get a few mentions…

1) The Corona Virus from China is rapidly spreading and causing much concern among the travel and medical communities. There is NO CURE, NO VACCINE and this is SERIOUS. To read about this ACTUAL NEWS STORY go here

Compound this breaking news with another “minor” story….

2) The Senate is holding impeachment hearings and there is chaos happening in Washington DC. When Nixon, even Clinton had offenses that warranted Senate hearings – there was nothing but these proceedings on TV and the radio 24/7. This was NEWS. The person who held the highest office in the United States was being put on trial. This was a BIG DEAL. I think it is worthy of a mention and way for you to learn more. PBS has great non-biased coverage.

What if you don’t want ANY NEWS on your timeline. You just want “rainbows and unicorns”? (Or selfies, puppy photos and baby videos) Well.. you can be distracted by these “happy posts” –

Below you will find a popular post that has made the rounds for a few months (or more). Notice the key to this post is to end negativity. (Yes, I posted photos of Bayla… I buckled under peer pressure. But, I also balanced that photo with a tweet about current events and the earthquake LA area had last night.)

I’m asking people to join the challenge of posting a picture of their dog. Only one photo, no description. The goal is to flood FB with positive dog pictures instead of negativity. Please copy the text into your status, post one photo of your dog and watch for some great photos! (Dog friends, jump right in.) ❤️

Facebook January 2020

As promised, my shameless QUAD IMAGE for the silly and useless #DollyPartonChallenge

I close with these cautionary words… Don’t live in a social media cocoon. Learn about the world around you. Locally. Nationally. Globally. And learn the difference between “news” that is meant as a distraction and focusing on real “breaking news”.

Thank you for reading.

Wishing you an Insightful 2020 and Much More!

First and foremost, let me start by wishing each person reading this blog a very happy, health, prosperous and insightful 2020!

May your year be full of adventure, meaningful conversations and joy.

Here is hoping that your worst fears never happen and your most secret birthday “candle” wishes do.

Cheers to those who are brave enough to dare to dream, work earnestly towards goals, are honest about their capabilities and limitations.

“High 5” to the people who try, despite the odds, and regardless if they succeed or fail.

Kudos to those who adopt and don’t shop when they add a “furever” family member. Dogs and cats who are adopted rescues are extra special – just like those who bring them in to their homes.

Blessings to those who are parents, caregivers, mentors and teachers. You are helping to invest in our world more than anyone can measure.

Huge and heartfelt thank you to those who run towards the fire to help, arrive first at the scene of the accident or keep our world safe.

Lastly… remember those who are no longer here walking among us but forever in our hearts and minds. They built the legacy to which we continue our daily lives. We owe them a debt of gratitude and love.

May 2020 be spectacular. Just, Like. You!

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