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Wishing you an Insightful 2020 and Much More!

First and foremost, let me start by wishing each person reading this blog a very happy, health, prosperous and insightful 2020!

May your year be full of adventure, meaningful conversations and joy.

Here is hoping that your worst fears never happen and your most secret birthday “candle” wishes do.

Cheers to those who are brave enough to dare to dream, work earnestly towards goals, are honest about their capabilities and limitations.

“High 5” to the people who try, despite the odds, and regardless if they succeed or fail.

Kudos to those who adopt and don’t shop when they add a “furever” family member. Dogs and cats who are adopted rescues are extra special – just like those who bring them in to their homes.

Blessings to those who are parents, caregivers, mentors and teachers. You are helping to invest in our world more than anyone can measure.

Huge and heartfelt thank you to those who run towards the fire to help, arrive first at the scene of the accident or keep our world safe.

Lastly… remember those who are no longer here walking among us but forever in our hearts and minds. They built the legacy to which we continue our daily lives. We owe them a debt of gratitude and love.

May 2020 be spectacular. Just, Like. You!

A Day at the Reagan Library

Father’s Day is always tricky for me. I never know what presents to buy for hubby and this year was no exception. So, I took a “page” from our daughter’s philosophy that experiences far exceeds “things” when it comes to present giving. I took that sage advice and gave hubby a pass to the National Presidential Libraries ( with our first stop- the Reagan Library.

This summer the Reagan library is hosting the Da Vinci collection. In essence, it was a handful of his mechanical drawings of tools. From his attempts to draw prototypes for flight to weapons that could create massive amounts of injury or death. Yes, the painter of the Mona Lisa must have spent many hours thinking dark thoughts to create such drawings that were more like “Dexter” than the angels he depicted in his earliest paintings.

Da Vinci's Artwork

Da Vinci’s life and artwork have been long chronicled.  However, there remain many unanswered questions about his greatest works and the thought processes that were involved with his artistry and his mechanical drawings.

For example,  The Mona Lisa is one piece from Da Vinci’s portfolio that is veiled in continual mystery. Was ‘Mona Lisa” a woman or a man that captured the love interest of the reportedly homosexual DaVinci?

 Secondly, the painting of the Last Supper has kept the interest and populated many a question by art and theology aficionados. Why did Da Vinci paint the 12 disciples and Christ as he did? 

Also, at the Reagan library you will find Andy Warhol’s rendition of the Last Supper.  The two juxtapose exhibits presented an interesting mix of pop culture meeting ancient masterpieces! 

Below are the replicas on display at the Reagan library.

Don't leave without visiting other wonderful exhibits at the Reagan Library.

Allot two hours to really walk and enjoy the DaVinci exhibit. Then treat yourselves to lunch or a snack at the cafe on the grounds.  

I would recommend not leaving before you visit the other notable parts of this vast library, including Air Force 1, Marine 1 and the gardens.  

In the outside gardens you will find the burial place for the President and First Lady.  Surrounded by a vista that is simply lovely.

Roses bushes adorn the exterior and must have been a favorite of Nancy Reagan. 

You will also find a slab of the Berlin Wall.  The docent indicated that this particular section was chosen as President Reagan looked the butterfly drawing that was on the Western Side. The Eastern Side is blank.  Just concrete.

Inside, there are scores of exhibits that chronicle the two terms of the Reagan presidency and his life before and after.  If visiting expect to add at least two more hours to cover these exhibits and visit the actual Air Force One and Marine One aircraft.


Top Ten List for “Adulting”

A few nights ago Hubby and I were watching NBC NEWS when they played a segment about young adults taking “Adulting” classes. What is “Adulting”?

Here is the formal definition:

Adulting is the practice of behaving in a way characteristic of a responsible adult, especially the accomplishment of mundane but necessary tasks.


Here is my definition. “Adulting” is when you are grown-up enough to get your teeth cleaned, your laundry done, eat healthy and remember to have your car oil changed without a reminder or money from a parental unit.

This NBC NEWS segment focused on how young adults now are taking CLASSES to learn how to sew, iron, do laundry, make a meal and other tasks that are considered mundane but essential to every day living. (I love adult education, but never thought of “adulting” education!)

Watch the NBC NEWS segment here.

Experts during the interview were discussing how such classes are needed due to school curriculums cutting what use to be “standard courses”. No longer do you see in most schools options to take high school “Home economics”, “Personal Accounting” or “Wood Shop”. They have been replaced by advanced courses in science, math and more. To learn basic skills, the commentator stated that many are signing up for ADULTING CLASSES!

I find it funny that there are so many adults who can solve tough calculus problems or write computer code but do not know how to sort and wash laundry nor sew a button on to a jacket. Their “home- cooked meal” is when Door Dash delivers them something from a local restaurant that is not a sandwich or pizza.

So, if I had to pick a “Top 10” list of what are the ESSENTIALS to know when you are “Adulting” – this would be my list:

  1. Learn what to do in an emergency – including CPR.
  2. Learn how to cook and clean up the mess afterwards. A basic cookbook can be your best friend and a money saver!
  3. Learn how to SAVE money. A rainy day fund is not $50. A rainy day fund should be several months of income in a bank to pay bills in case you are out of work.
  4. Do the REAL VERSIONS! Learn how to write a REAL letter vs. EMAIL and know the difference. And – READ A REAL BOOK vs. an electronic version!
  5. How to change a tire, check your oil and pump your own gas. (I “see” you New Jersey folks!)
  6. How and Why to CARRY CASH! Do not travel without some cash. What if there is an electrical outage and credit cards, Venmo or other electronic currencies cannot be exchanged. Oh my! Take out this “thing” called a wallet and use the green paper bills and silver coins to pay!
  7. Know when to fold’em. If you like to gamble know your limits. As enticing as Black Jack is – it is not worth losing your car, your home, your family over. This adulting “warning” goes for anything that can be done in excess.
  8. Learn how to do laundry.
  9. Learn how to take care of a small child without being distracted.
  10. Learn how to be polite, even when you don’t like the person you are with.

Now that I read over my list I realize I have some more “adulting” to do!!

Feel free to add to this list in the comment section.

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