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“STAY AT HOME” Educational Resources for Students and their Parents/ Caregivers

Due to the Corona Virus (COVID 19), parents have been given one of the biggest challenges of their lives – teaching their children in the absence of teachers, structured curriculum and school support. That means parents, regardless of their own careers, are now home assuming the role of their child’s / children’s teacher.

Educators and parents all have one goal – to keep the learning curve going up while the COVID 19 curve declines.

Parents – don’t worry! I have compiled a long and comprehensive list of educational resources for you. Some of these links are chocked full rich content. One link may lead you to dozens more – so take your time and peruse! Good luck and feel free to comment below if you have additional websites you think we can all benefit from or just wish to comment!

STUDENT and PARENT/ CAREGIVER RESOURCES – There is a way for teachers of preschoolers to third grade to give their students a code to have entry to chosen lessons. Favorites are this LEARNING GAME LINK.

Computer coding also is a favorite part of and can be found HERE is a favorite of mine! They have support for preschool, elementary, middle and high schoolers. Including calculus. There are some freebies, but for $20 you can have a year-long membership. Click here to discover more about this terrific website (And you may find some familiar Signing Families content under Sign Language Learning)

California Department of Education- Resources for All Students, All States

The CDE has put together a comprehensive list of online learning opportunities and support. This site is GREAT! Their FREE Educational tab is chocked full of interactive and very helpful resources. Seriously, this site can be an answer to a parent’s prayers for help from educators worldwide! Click here to get to the site.

Click here for the CDE super – charged resources.

PBS Learning Media

PBS offers a division of their company dedicated to direct education known as PBS Learning Media .

For younger children, there is PBS KIDS

*** THE PBS App Store is extensive and has a lot of great independent learning opportunities.


YouTube is no joke! There is some serious curriculum support and teaching happening on this social channel. Amazing teachers are available and many have offered opportunities for continued learning via their websites.

Rosetta Stone – FREE to students

Rosetta Stone has posted a free subscription to students due to the crisis. Learn more here.

Library of Congress – FREE Resources

The Library of Congress is chocked full of information. This TAB leads you to free photos and images for you to use – including learning projects.





CHADD– Children and Adults with Attention Deficit Disorder

KIDLUTIONS – Solutions for tough problems by Wendy Young, Counselor


There are a lot of resources at this link for reading, STEM and more! Click here


RESOURCES GALORE! This is a treasure trove of learning opportunities from the Manhattan Beach School Distric. Click here.

Scholastic Magazine:

There is a plethora of reading resources on the Scholastic site.


Math Planet

We are Teachers – Math help from teachers

Online Math Learning – lessons

For Students with Special Needs

TIME MAGAZINE (click for link)

10 Tech Hacks for Struggling Readers


A lot of activities and resources for our students on the spectrum.


These games are adapted to children with unique challenges. Click here and fine motor exercises can be found here.

Anniversary #8 – My Journey with Thyroid Cancer

8 years.  

That is how long it has been since I heard the diagnosis that I had Stage 3 thyroid cancer and received a total thyroidectomy with neck dissection.  Over 80 nodes removed from my thyroid and neck –  with 1/3 or more of them to be found riddled with papillary cancer. Thankfully, I was in AMAZING care thanks to Dr. Ralph Tufano,  my surgeon from the renowned Johns Hopkins University Hospital.  Eight years later, I continue to be in his debt – as his surgical skills earned his place in the global medical arena as “Top Doc”.

I hate to disappoint, but that is all for my walk down memory lane. If you are really curious about the first seven years of my journey hit this link >> Louise’s Cancer Journey.   (Note; the first blog is here)

Now I am going to fast-forward with an effort to educate and enlighten readers with a few new updates in the world of thyroid disease.

First… not all diseases of the thyroid are malignancies.  There can be other “stuff” that goes awry in your body caused by a thyroid issue.  Here are some common maladies and disorders that may surprise you are caused by this little gland! 

Sadly, thyroid issues are on the rise and appear more than ever in children – even younger than 10 years of age! Reasons for this phenomenon vary – but many feel that environmental issues may be part of the problem. 

Also, new information about thyroid cancer is the updated research regarding this cancer’s genetic components.  After participating in a few medical studies, I was interested  in these findings about which variations of the cancer can be passed on to family members and which are just due to bad luck happening in your own body! (After genetic counseling and testing, I found out I had bad luck but my relatives are all “good to go”!)

Lastly, a reminder to  trust your intuition.  I have said this year after year –  I KNEW something was NOT right with my body.  I was gaining weight at a rapid pace and just didn’t have the energy I usually did. For someone as hyper as me, that was a concern! Only after a crazy string of events was my cancer discovered and by then it was aggressive.  Thankfully, I received GREAT medical care and am happy to report that all is “status quo”.  I did receive a bit of a lecture this year from my other Top Doc, Dr. David Cooper, from JHH.  He advised me to reduce the stressors in my life so I can  stay healthy. I took his advice to heart and  I deleted what didn’t need to be in my life.  It hard for someone as ADHD as me to work on having more work-life balance – but I am!

Feel free to share your experiences with thyroid issues in the comment section. We are all here to learn.  Also, here is a PSA I made several years ago with the corresponding outtake video.

Also, the number 8 when placed on its’ side looks like the INFINITY ∞ sign.  I would say that is quite apropos!

Be well.






*Music by Will Z

RIP Tess Sattler (our beloved White Shepherd)

Flu Season Has Arrived

I can’t believe that on a warm Friday afternoon in September, on the very day I was scheduled to get a vaccine, I came down with “the flu”.  Body aches, fever of nearly 102 degrees, sore throat and a cough that just won’t stop! “Yep”. my doctor declared – “This is the flu and congrats – yours is one of the earliest cases we have seen!”

“Fabulous!”, I answer.  “Now tell me how to get rid of it – quickly!”  I soon found out the answer – it doesn’t go away “quickly” or even ” in a few days”… but lingers on for what seems like eternity! I was offered Tamiflu- but for a variety of reasons, that wasn’t going to be my magic potion.

There must be a quick fix to get the flu “out of me” –  Google will know!

Well, Google did know a lot of about influenza and the common head cold. In fact, some of the information was quite enlightening like this link:

Basically, here is the scoop:

Both the flu and the common cold don’t go away overnight.  They both are like bad houseguests who just don’t get the hint to leave.  They also are quite different in how they manifest and impact your health and are often confused for each other.  Here are the differentiators:

If you find yourself with a fever, body aches from head to toe, exhaustion, chills, a dry cough, headache  and it comes on rather abruptly without a huge case of sneezing or a severe stuffy nose – you most likely caught yourself a flu bug.

A tickle or  sore throat that morphs in to a runny nose, congestion in the nasal and or chest area, coughing and sneezing, plus a slight fever- well that is no fun either – so grab the Kleenex box, hot tea with lemon and honey and  medicine  for comfort – you have a “common cold”.  

When symptoms turn severe – such as wheezing, a cough that won’t quit, ongoing fever – don’t write it off- but seek medical attention.  While I am not a physician, I am well versed in how you can start your day with a little tickle in your throat and end up wheezing for air in the ER by nightfall… so do take any extreme symptoms seriously!

What about preventative measures?

Of course there are vaccines to help prevent or lessen the impact of the flu (certain strains) and pneumonia.  And, I am a big believer in immune boosting through vitamins and my fave- elderberry syrup.  However, sometimes even preventatives are not enough to defend you from germ invasion.

And, if you do get sick…

Rest. Fluids. Chicken Soup.  Binge watch your favorite shows on Netflix or Amazon Prime. Remember to listen to your body and perhaps get medical attention. And, popsicles are mandatory to help with healing at any age! Make mine lemon.

Stay healthy everyone!



A very special community gift for a very special teacher.

Hello All,

Last week I was asked to help start a GoFundMe  page for a person I have never met.  She is a physical education teacher who through a series of life events now has debilitating back pain due to a spinal disc that has partially broken off.  Surgery is needed to alleviate the pain and start the healing, but due to red tape, her insurance company is denying or limiting much of the coverage she will need to pay for the “must have” medical procedures and after care.

I don’t want to make this article about insurance issues in our country, but rather how a community has come together in less than five days to donate a serious “chunk of change” to get Ms. Monica Wood back on her feet again. They have given her not only financial help but the gift of their love and community spirit.

Side note: I know the agony of back pain and my experiences have been nothing compared to what Monica is having to endure.  Read related blog. 

Monica Wood and I have communicated via good old fashioned texts and what I have learned is this is a vivacious woman who is beloved by the students, staff and parents at Grand View Elementary School in Manhattan Beach, California.   She exudes all the traits one needs for a  speedy recovery as she is hopeful and keeping a positive outlook. She also believes in not wasting a moment or wallowing on her situation as  she recently asked a group of friends about how to get connected with area organizations who  knit blankets for families with new babies.  Geez – that is one incredible woman!


Monica’s unique story is best told by the many comments and  photos that have been left on the walls of the GoFundMe campaign.  I am simply inspired by each and every one.  These days we are all so busy and focused on our own lives –  but, the outpouring of love and generosity to help this educator simply is a testimony to the willingness of community members to  stop everything  in order to help.  Not only are they demonstrating their support with their wallets, but also with their hearts and social sharing to others.  Those who are in social media call the act of social sharing: #SocialGood!

From the GoFundMe “Giving BACK to Monica Wood” campaign:

Monica, You are the best! Always positive, encouraging, and energetic. We are so sorry you are having such pain. We wish you a speedy recovery. Love, Kate, JT, Edie and David <B>


Ms. Wood- you were the first person to really see Brendan and to help him have happy time in school. You gave him a safe place and a teacher’s love. I’m so sorry you are going through this. You deserve the best of everything. ~ <B.P/>


We got your back, Monica!!!!!  ~ Kari



Screen Shot 2018-08-26 at 10.43.08 AM.png


Screen Shot 2018-08-26 at 10.42.55 AM.png



Screen Shot 2018-08-26 at 10.42.38 AM.png


Monica Wood has responded to all the amazing folks in her GoFundMe “sphere” with these words

Screen Shot 2018-08-26 at 11.39.28 AM



Lastly, I conclude this note to all with a video from the GoFundMe page and also my thanks to all for reading this very special story.



Why Journaling and Creating Scrapbooks Could Result in GREAT Mental Health Benefits!


You have to leave the city of your comfort and go to the wilderness of your intuition. What you’ll discover will be wonderful. You will discover yourself.

~Alan Alda

Every year millions of blank and lined paged journal books are sold in the United States. Amazon sells  more than a million books to those wanting to write their musings or organize their thoughts.  Equally as popular is the scrapbooking community. Those who love to mesh photographs, stamping art and stickers together in a bound book for posterity.  I may have a few of these journals or scrapbooks on my shelves or in my drawers –  and by a few I mean twenty or more.

If you are a reader of this blog, then you will know that I am an ardent photographer and love to assemble projects that utilize photos and quotes. (Read a recent article here.)   I am a firm believer that sparking your mental processes through creative outlets is one way to keep yourself challenged and active from your youth through your golden years.

Let’s look at the value of both keeping a journal and scrapbook.

What is Journaling?

Consider journaling a way to plan your current and future life while reflecting on and learning from lesson of your past. A journal is a running diary of your thoughts, dreams and concerns. It also chronicles events and your “take” on what has happened.

A journal is a “safe place” where you can emote your love for another, anger, disappointment or sadness. It is where you can let out your deep seeded grief.  While not a substitute for a trained therapist, a journal is often a tool to help guide you through the tough times in your life.

One of the most common themes among those who journal is to see how problems, once thought unsurmountable, were actually resolved,  leaving the scribe with a much larger understanding and appreciation for having “made it through” and perhaps much better equipped to cope with future challenges.

What is Scrapbooking?

Scrapbooking to me is being able to put in to themed books the milestones of your life of those of your loved ones.  Many parents, especially mom’s, love to keep sweet memorabilia of their babies first year, child’s school years and extra -curricular activities.  I for one have made many scrapbooks when my children were young. Included in these precious memory books are first words, pictures of first steps, locks of hair from the first haircuts and much more.  Being able to fill in the blanks for older children of their first years, is always a nice way to add to bonding experiences between parent and child.

Now that my children are adults, I have “shelved” these lovely books hoping that someday I will show them to their offspring and have some good belly laughs and perhaps smile through nostalgic tears.

There is positive mental health value with both journaling and scrapbooking for all ages.

As an educator, I see the value of offering journaling opportunities in school.  Children can have complicated lives, and what a wonderful way to give them space to write and reflect than a journal.  This avenue for discourse can be quite powerful if  it is an ongoing conversation between a teacher / therapist and child.  Being able to voice concerns, opinions and much more without judgment or having to actually “talk”.

Also, imagine the ability to see your child’s interpretation of their lives through the art of creating a scrapbook.  There are many templates to help a child get started and ways to stir their creativity.  Also, parents – don’t be shy!

Now let’s talk about a fun company that helps enhance your journaling and scrapbook world with their designs – The Stickii Club!


Untitled design-30.png

Related: Don’t miss the GIVEAWAY at the bottom of this post!


Stickii Club is a subscription service that also makes available a la carte stickers to accent your journal and scrapbooking project. I became interested in this start-up company when I met them at a gifting suite and thought that there true to life stickers would make a great addition to creative projects, especially with journaling.  My favorite is the retro ones and travel as I love to put together my photography and utilize these stickers to help compliment the story.  (As you know photography and journaling are my way to experience calm!)



I had an opportunity to send interview questions to the founder  of  STICKII CLUB , Rita and here is what I learned:


Louise: What inspired you to become an entrepreneur?:
Rita: I really didn’t want to work for someone else and be boxed into a strict schedule with no flexibility. I have a creative passion and I wanted to pursue that


Louise:  Is STICKII CLUB your first venture in to the world of entrepreneurship or are you a veteran in the business world?:
Rita: My first foray into the world of entrepreneurship but it’s taught me so much, I can see myself exploring other business endeavors in the future.

3. What was the catalyst for starting STICKII CLUB and tell us about the company: 
Rita: I’ve always had a love for stickers ever since I was little and dreamed of having my own stationery store. When I graduated I didn’t want to work for a company but had to work – at the same time I discovered subscription box services and decided to create one for stickers. So STICKII (stickers + kawaii {the Japanese word for cute}) was born. The company sends out a pack of stickers and stationery every month but because everyone has different styles, we have 3 selections to choose from every month.

4. Your stickers are more “mature” – meant for those who love to journal or make scrapbooks.  Do you journal daily?: 
Rita: Hah, running the company and creating most of its designs is how I spend most of my time so I don’t journal as much as I used to but our team loves planning & journaling and using stickers to make each entry their own. One of our team members has multiple notebooks for different things, she loves working at a place where the perk is unlimited free stickers for her to play with!

5. Are your products available online and in stores or only online?: 
Rita: For the moment we only sell online through our own website. You can do a subscription or check out our shop for individual sticker sheets and some other fun things.

6. Do you customize for large orders and if so- how much lead time? (Such as a school specific set or a set for a wedding, etc.):
Rita: We never say no to a custom order, it just depends on if the person has the art work in place or needs one of our artists, the order size, the layout, etc. We prefer to have at least a month advance notice at a minimum but we’ve managed to pull off a few miracles before.

7. I work in media, so I am curious – which of the social media platforms are your favorite and get you the most results?: 
Rita: By far, Instagram.  Our service deals in the visual since it’s artistic and a tangible product so Instagram is great at showing the photos and people get excited about what they’re going to receive. Facebook is a close second and we’ve tried other ones but these two get the most results.

8. You are offering a giveaway {SEE BELOW} – what do people need to do to enter to win and when is the last date they can enter?:
Rita:  Please follow us on INSTAGRAM or FACEBOOK between July 16th and August 18th.  We will announce THREE prized winners:  Grand Prize (7 packs of stickers), 1st Prize (4 packs of stickers) and 2nd prize (3 packs of stickers).  We sadly need to restrict to the United States for entries as we have to ship our prizes.  (The giveaway rules are below.)

9. Any other information you wish for our readers to know?:
Rita: All our packs come in a unique Stickii Storage sticker insert so you can keep your stickers organized and neat. Signing up means you get happiness delivered right to your door every month!


SIGN UP IS ONE CLICK AWAY! USE THE PROMO CODE:  LOUISE for $2 off a month’s subscription



Want to WIN a set of STICKII CLUB stickers? Simply do the following to ENTER the STICKII CLUB GIVEAWAY!:






LASTLY:  Be super groovy if you also signed up for their >>>>  EMAIL. 


What will the Stickii Club winners receive??

💥 💥






Winners will be randomly chosen from ALL Entries who either follow on INSTAGRAM or FACEBOOK between July 16th and August 18th, 2018.  The giveaway winners will be chosen by a random generator on August 19, 2018 of all eligible entrants.  Residents of the United States of America only.  Cannot be related to anyone from Stickii Club nor Louise Sattler. Shipping will be by standard mail.  No substitutions or monetary trade value will be offered. Multiple follows by autobots or fake accounts will result in deletion of entry.


DISCLAIMER:  I received promotional product from Stickii.Club.  However, I LOVE LOVE LOVE this product and would have written this blog regardless!

Lucky 7 – Life after a thyroid cancer diagnosis

Is 7 really a lucky number? For me it is. Or at least I think it is.  You see, I realized this week that the number seven has resonated with me throughout my thyroid cancer journey. Yet, only recently did I connect the dots as to why it is indeed “lucky” or at least significant.

7a.m – The time I arrived to the surgical unit for my operation.

Seven hours. The number of hours Dr. Ralph Tufano, (my hero) performed surgery on me at Johns Hopkins Hospital.

Seven days.  That was the length of time the post-operative drains remained in my neck. (Seven minutes was all had on the “patience meter” for living with said drains.)

Seven weeks.  That was the time it took for me to get my voice sounding more like me and less like a prank phone caller.

Seven months.  That was about the amount of time I needed to brave going out without a scarf around my neck to shield people from seeing my scar. (July is one hot month and the seventh one!)

Seven years have passed since January 5, 2011 when I had my surgery and my life was forever changed.  You may think this was a tantamount day filled with dread, but in reality many amazing things have happened from that day forward.

Related articles: If you are interested in the “whole saga” here is a link.

And, per usual I will use this forum to share some life lessons. (Forever an educator) Although this year the theme may be a bit “lighter” than in the past. (Side note: read to the very end, please.)

The seven lessons I want to share in my annual “post cancer blog” are … 

  1. 7 is the number of continents in the world. Go explore them while you can.
  2. 7 good friends is better than a lot of people pretending to be your friend.
  3. 7 pairs of shoes may be an Ok amount, but in reality I own three times that number.
  4. Social media forums cite 7pm as a popular time to be online engaging with others and reading articles.
  5. 7 is considered one of the luckiest numbers, according to Quora, because there are  Seven Seas, Seven Heavens, Seven Continents, Seven Colors in a Rainbow, Seven Notes on a musical scale, Seven Days in a week, Seven Wonders of the World and so on. Seven is considered to represent the “extraordinary”.
  6. 7 is the number of chakras the body possesses.
  7. Seven minutes can be all it takes to check your neck with an ultra-sound to see if you have a healthy or unhealthy thyroid. Seven minutes- worth every one of them.

The seven chakras.


 Now for the serious “stuff”…

First, be your own health advocate. If you feel that something isn’t right with your health – go see a doctor or two if you are not satisfied with the first opinion.

Next, CHECK YOUR NECK.  At least once a year – have your doctor check your neck for irregularities.  Are you gaining weight suddenly or losing it without dieting? Do you have a chronic sore throat or persistent cough.  These are all red flags that something could be amiss and a due to a thyroid issue!

It wouldn’t be my annual “cancer” blog without a nod towards helping others via #socialgood

Each year, since my cancer journey began, I  spotlight ways to help people who are  diagnosed and living with cancer.  This year I am asking that readers of my blog consider supporting the  CYCLE FOR SURVIVAL campaign.  My daughter, Natasha, is participating with the Cycle for Survival fundraiser and any support would be greatly appreciated.  Here is the link.  EVERY DOLLAR RAISED goes towards funding  research for rare cancers via the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.


About Cycle for Survival

Join the Battle


  • *An estimated 1,688,780 new cancer cases will be diagnosed in 2017.
  • Approximately 50% of people with cancer are battling a rare cancer.
  • Rare cancers include brain, pancreatic, ovarian, thyroid, and stomach cancers; leukemia and lymphoma; all pediatric cancers; and many others.
  • Each year MSK treats more than 400 subtypes of cancer.


As always, thank you for reading and remember… CHECK YOUR NECK!!  Lastly, If you do donate to Cycle for Survival, please let me know and I’ll be sure to thank you personally on Twitter via my account (@LouiseASL).  You can leave me a message here or connect via any of my social platforms. Thank you!




Ouch my aching back!

Have you ever reached for an object and then exclaimed “Oh No!” because your back immediately went in to spasm?

Have you ever sneezed and then spent the rest of your day trying to get relief from the intense pain that one little “ahh-choo” caused you? 

Have you ever gardened, indulged in some home repair task, picked up a baby, or flinched and had what seemed like an ordinary action result in incapacitating pain? The kind where you crawl in to a chair or can’t seem to do the simplest of activities.

If you said YES to one or more of the above – welcome to the club!

The OMG – I have back pain club!


There are some interesting facts associated with back pain. A few may even surprise you.

  •  Back pain is a major reason why people miss work
  •  Back pain is a leading cause of disability worldwide
  •  Over 50 BILLION dollars are spent on remedies (including medications) to alleviate back pain
  • Experts estimate that 8 out of 10 adults will experience back pain some time in their lifetime.
  • Back pain is a major reason for people to seek a doctor appointment

Related: Time Magazine even compiled their own informational list. 

I have spent the better part of 30 years combatting on- off – on and off again back pain.  Mine, most likely, was the result of years doing gymnastics. I spent a good part of my youth flying through the air and trying to “stick a landing”.  Only one problem. I was not a good gymnast! My “training” consisted of access to rudimentary equipment and a lot of hand springs on the lawn.

So, in my 20’s I started to experience occasional back pain. I am no doctor (despite what my Mom wished), but, I do know that I have tried a lot of traditional and non-traditional remedies to alleviate my back pain.

Not every person has the same symptoms.
Dull aches are common. So, can be acute pain and discomfort due to sciatica involvement.  

I did some research on the most common and popular treatments for helping back pain suffers (acute and chronic).  Below I compiled a list of sources that  I found to be of interest and with educational value.  Remember that each person reading this blog has a different set of circumstances when it comes to their own health.  So first and foremost, you need to check to be sure that your back pain is indeed your back and not because of some other condition.

Do your due diligence with your own research. Consider the resource links below a starting point for an education about back issues.

WebMD: A lot of user – friendly information about symptoms, diagnosis, treatments and even quizzes.  This medical website is a  perennial favorite for all kinds of health related information.

Mayo Clinic: Rumor on the street has it that this medical center “knows their stuff” when it comes to orthopedics, including ailments of the spine. Their information is very useful and I found it often encouraging.

Related 6 symptoms you should never ignore.

Chiropractors are very often called upon to help prevent and ameliorate back pain. I have used chiropractics and they were a great source of comfort when I was pregnant. Highly recommend reading up more about this type of therapy.

Physical Therapy  (who are now being educated at the doctoral level) can provide immense back pain relief.  I am in the midst of PT right now – and must say Kathy Fox,  my therapist, is an angel.  I am NOT an easy patient.  But she has given me many techniques to use and they have been very effective.

One strategy is SIMPLE.  When I twist and turn myself in a way that creates a spasm in my lower back I just remember to follow the SIMPLE  guidelines to get me “untwisted”. 

 STRETCH (ask a medical / therapeutic professional for an appropriate set of stretches that will aid your condition) – ICE – MEDICATIONS (when prescribed) – PT – LAY DOWNEASE YOUR MIND (I have recently been doing guided imagery.  Helps even my ADHD to focus on pain control techniques.)

Last but not least on my list … Acupuncture. I must admit I was leery of being subjected to Eastern medicine techniques. Guess what? It works! Or at least did for me!  If you  live in Los Angeles and are in search of an A+ acupuncturist be sure to look up  Jean Morris.  

 Related: reasons why acupuncture helps many back pain patients.

I sympathize with any one who has suffered chronic pain. If you are experiencing mental health issues due to pain, perhaps depression, please seek professional help.  No one should go through agony alone. Sending healing vibes to those in pain – back or otherwise.

~ Louise

UPDATED: Yoga for Patients with Multiple Sclerosis – MS

This weekend the skies above the Beverly Hilton in Los Angeles will be lighting up “orange”! The ballroom will be turned in to a huge party as the benefit for Erase MS  commences! While a night to join together in fellowship for a great cause, the weekend is really dedicated to highlighting the newest findings in research for MS diagnosis and treatment.  The Center Without Walls will be making huge announcements about a newly released and approved medication and much more. All of this made possible by the vision of Nancy Davis, founder of Erase MS and a woman living with Multiple Sclerosis.

Learn about MS here.

In another section  of Los Angeles county, DL Sweet will be helping improve the lives of people in another capacity.  For eight years she has been yoga instructor with a specialized instruction and certification for  Therapeutic & Restorative Yoga in 2013. But, DL didn’t stop there, she now offers “Chair Yoga” to people who are limited in movement and independent motor skills, such as those with MS.

Chair Yoga is not exclusive to those with physical limitations as seniors also are embracing chair yoga. And althouth not quite a “senior” I find myself being more and more intrigued!

Read why here.

UnknownNow here is where the story about DL get more fascinating! A few months ago I met DL at the Beach Cities Breakfast Club (BCBC)  morning network meeting. It was apparent that she had challenges with speech.  But, let me tell you this dynamo is not hindered by this “disability” but in fact able to communicate her vision quite clearly.  Each week she presents about her participation in the company Young Living Essential Oils, just fine! After learning more about DL’s personal story, it became apparent that her disability was a catalyst vs. a hinderance to her “next chapter”, including being a Yoga instructor!

When asked why DL started to learn and subsequently teach yoga she replied, “I sat in one class to MS individuals, so the teacher and I became good friends…  I have a disability of  <my> own, I can relate to what are people are going through.”   (Note: Come back to visit this blog for updates as to DL’s schedule for upcoming classes offered to MS patients, etc.)

Remember I said I was intrigued by chair yoga?! Well, that meant I had to do some research and find a way to check it out at home. I immediately stumbled upon DL’s Youtube videos.  Below is one that I watch on a regular basis (and yes, try to practice along with her!) Her videos are great for those who have limited resources for traveling to a class, are homebound or just interested – such as myself!


It would be great if DL’s chair yoga could reach more people who are seeking ways to exercise muscles in spite of limitations.  That is why I am hoping that when the skies over LA turn “orange” with the Erase MS benefit that there will be discussion for resources in the area for patients with MS.  I hope that conversation includes the amazing commitment and expertise that DL demonstrates in the field of yoga.

Revised YogaInChairs Class2 MS FlyerRevised YogaInChairs Class2  MS Flyer.jpg

When asked what are the next steps that DL plans on taking as a business owner and yoga instructor – she stated that she wants to expand  chair yoga programs to become available in workplaces and businesses where people are often seated for long periods of time and should get MOVING!  (Ok, time to get my yoga outfit on and sign up for DL’s class!)

Connect with DL:

ABOUT MS patients sign – up for chair yoga >>


And, of course we invite you to check out the great work of Erase MS.

Disclaimer: Prior to starting any exercise program, such as that discussed in this article,  one should check with their healthcare provider to ensure that they are able to participate in the activity, such as chair yoga, regular yoga, etc.

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What is in your lunchbox?

What is in your lunchbox today?  I have started to take a real look at the food I have been eating and serving.  I can’t eat the same foods I did when I was a much younger “me”.  So, I am focusing on “real foods”.  Ones that are as close to the original source as possible. That includes discovering new veggies (Brussell sprouts with balsamic vinegar grilled are yummy- who knew?) and fruits (I am loving apricots these days!)  Plus adding at my doctors insistence dairy products .. including milk and yogurt. ( I never was much of a milk drinker, but I am learning to use it in smoothies and coffee.)  And, although I prefer non-meat options I have been eating protein with meat and fish to help me be healthy and curb hunger!

Many families who follow SIGNING FAMILIES   have asked me to post words in American Sign Language which are food related.  So, here you go.. foods that help keep us healthy!






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NOTE: Due to unforseen circumstance the ASL Summer online camp has been cancelled. Look for an upcoming announcement for another option for learning ASL during the summer!

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