Mark Your Calendars: One Day at a Time / Season 3: February 8th on Netflix!

Let me begin this article by openly saying that I am old enough to recall the original Norman Lear sitcom, One Day at a Time. The storyline chronicled the trials and tribulations of a single mom (played by Bonnie Franklin) and her two daughters ( Valerie Bertinelli and MacKenzie Philips). For the 1970’s, it was […]


Celebrating the Emmy Awards- Celebrity Connected Style

A day at Celebrity Connected celebrating the Emmy Awards with actors, athletes, social media influencers, media and great vendors!


Bravo to Amazon’s Multi- Emmy Nominated Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (Includes Video Interview)

Amazon’s newest show – The Marvelous Mrs.Maisel has earned 14 Emmy Award nominations! Can you say – WOW!  Quite a feat given that  in recent years the vast majority of  the golden Emmy award  went  to shows airing on Netflix,  HBO and NBC. Let’s start with why the Marvelous Mrs. Maisel is worthy of all the […]


A Visit to One of the Last Remaining Blockbuster Stores

Update: Sadly after I ran this article the last remaining Blockbusters in Alaska announced they were closing. Original Article This month my family ventured to the Pacific Northwest. We watched whales frolic and feed, walked glaciers and even explored villages and remote areas both by land and sea.  But, it was a little store in […]


Countdown to the Hollywood Award Season – My predictions have nothing to do with the films.

This weekend will be the “official start” of the Hollywood award season as the Golden Globes will bring together elite actors and filmmakers from television and film. I always have loved award season, but I predict that this one will be very different with less cause for celebration and more focus on political and social action.


Fun Trivia about Downton Abbey!

For a person like me who spends much time in “high-gear”, it is a true delight to spend an hour a week immersed in to the lives of fictional characters for no more reason than shear entertainment! I decided that for fun (and for the purpose of this blog which will coincide with the premiere of Season 6 in the United States.) – that I would try and find some fun facts about the show and the actors.



Do you read blogs to be inspired? Perhaps to find some humor in life? Or maybe to add to your personal learning? Which blogs do I read faithfully? Loads! I could write a list that would take FOREVER to read.. but for now I will limit to some of my “must reads” for fun! Let the list begin! … Love to read BLOGS – May I recommend hopping over to TRIBERR! Do you want our readers to check out YOUR blog? Feel free to list it in the comment section. ( I reserve the right to hide any comment that is disrespectful or links to ...


Damn that internet!

This week we lost two legends in the entertainment field- Robin Williams and Lauren Bacall. I adored them both. And, until the day when the internet came in to my life, I would spend my free time going to the movie theater or watching old classics on TV. Now I am absorbed by catching every news and soundbite about these two actors on various social media timelines. Nothing that should get done IS getting done today. Damn that internet!


PHONES… remember them?

I just watched a video that has gone viral about the “good old days”, titled – I CAN’T BELIEVE WE MADE IT. It really highlighted how “baby boomers” were raised as “outside” children who used motor skills far and beyond their opposing thumbs on a gaming controller. It also discussed how we were a culture that took more “risks”, found networking in our school yards not our computers, and gave respect were it was due. It got me thinking that the newer generations may share many of the same values, yet some things are lost on our millenials. Case in point- the use of a ...

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