One year later… #MSDStrong

Hubby and I  had just landed in Japan and caught a few hours of sleep when I realized it was Valentine’s Day back in the United States.  I quickly logged on to hotel WiFi and wished my  friends and colleagues in a group text a “Happy Valentine’s Day”. I made sure to add a few […]


Please, excuse my ramblings … but, I am pissed

I am pissed. (Sorry Mom, but I have to use this strong language) I am pissed because our children are being bullied by the very people who should be protecting them, encouraging them and nurturing their endeavors. Who should be seeing that the futures of our youth are as bright as the sun and not […]


Lucky 7 – Life after a thyroid cancer diagnosis

Lucky 7. This really is a number that resonates with me through my thyroid cancer journey. If you are interested in the “whole saga” here is a link. Why is the number 7 significant? Let me explain… 


Gifts with Heart ❤️

Despite the tragedy and profound sense of losses, we can still hope and seek a silver lining this holiday season by giving from the heart to heal hearts. I have compiled a list of organizations or companies that want to help the greater good by doing good.  Please consider their efforts when you are gifting others’ during the holidays or just “any day”.


PEACEABLE KINGDOM, A company to watch with products that amaze!

A fun box of goodies for me to review arrived at my door this week thanks to one company that is definitely “one to watch” … Peaceable Kingdom.  I have been a brand ambassador for this educational company before and have admired their creativity, so my expectations were pretty high with the items in this box. I was not […]


Dear Media, his name is PRESIDENT Obama –

Dear Media, I have started (and stopped) this letter to you a number of times. It is a note to remind some (many) of you that the person who holds the highest office in the United States is a PRESIDENT. Currently, that means that our 44th President is President Obama, not MR. Obama or even Barak Obama.


The Girls Q and A Book on Friendship – An interview with author, Annie Fox … complete with lessons for kids and adults alike!

Relationships between women fascinate me! I have always been a “behavioral detective” – trying to unravel the mysteries of women interaction. I have spent hours watching groups of women at events – such as PTA meetings, weddings or even my sorority get – togethers. I have had years of poolside experience with kids and moms wondering why some women could be nice to a person one moment and then stab them with unkind words the moment they exited the group and their chaise lounge for their mini-van? I have often wondered how the adult women in our midst are teaching impressionable girls, including our daughters, ...


Remember when…?

Remember when …..? You could walk to school with friends and no parents even if it was a mile door to door… You were able to play all day outside and would only come home for meals and when the street lights were illuminated… You could be unsupervised on at a playground while jumping off […]

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