What a week! Tommy Jordan, Hunter Spanjer, Clint Eastwood and guest name “Issac” all made the news!

This has been a really strange news cycle week. We started the week with Hurricane Issac wreaking havoc in the gulf (and still is) to stories on ABC NEWS program 20/20 about a father, Tommy Jordan, who decided to discipline his daughter and her “potty mouth” by destroying her computer one gunshot at a time! In between we had the news of Hunter Spanjer, a three year old child who was asked not to use his given American Sign Language name sign in his preschool program because it resembled a “gun” motion. (See video and links to responses from public organizations below). We also witnessed Clint Eastwood talking to the Invisible President during the Republican National Convention. The ONLY thing that seemed to make sense this week was the event that was the most random- a hurricane! The rest just seemed to make me want to shake my head.