Yes or No? A Sign Language Explanation – repost

Sign Language explanation about how to sign YES and NO. Photography examples offered, as well.


Sign Language Instructional Lesson for Educators #1

    Welcome to the Educators Lesson Plans for Signing Families! The first lesson in learning sign language is actually talking to your students about Deafness and why some people may “talk with their hands”. Great resources to set the groundwork for older students to talk about Deafness and How to approach the topic of Deafness?  […]


HALFLING, a New YA Novel with Bonus Features: Book Club, Virtual and Homeschool Curriculum Options

Donna Marie Robb is a writer who has a dream … actually, a whole lot of dreams! Her debut young adult fantasy novel, Halfling, chronicles the story of Remmi, a young girl who is vacillates between Dreamearth and Realearth.   As her story unfolds you realize that Robb wrote Remmi to be a strong protagonist who has experienced […]


Can we fix our broken students and schools?

   As I walk through the halls of the various schools I have visited in the past year I am engulfed with the sights and sounds of children singing in music class, speaking Spanish in their immersion classes, having mock trials as part of US History lessons and seeing students helping peers who have learning […]


Catch A Rising Star! Today on 411 Voices Radio My Interview with Sarah Vonskamp, Tween Author of FILLY GIRLS!

Today I had the privilege of interviewing two amazing young ladies, Abrielle Mullins, country singer and Sarah Voskamp, tween author of the book, FILLY GIRLS.  Sarah Voskamp is only eleven years old but she has the writing talent of more seasoned authors.  Inspired by her friends to write a book about friendship and horses, her […]

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