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Essential Oils: Helping De-stress Dogs and Humans

Dog anxiety is no joke. Dogs can exhibit anxious behavior over what humans think are the “silliest” things. When we first adopted Bayla, our Rhodesian Ridgeback / Shepherd/ Lab mix, she would shake uncontrollably whenever she saw a white panel van. Since, we didn’t know any of her “back story”, other than she was rescued as a stray, we could only imagine the reasons why she became so upset when she saw white trucks. Bayla also would be scared of certain noises, other dogs that approached her without warning and so on and so on.

We adopted a teen mom – of eight puppies! #DogAdoption

For many years I have seen comfort dogs that help children and adults post- disaster work magic! I have longed to adopt a dog that could become a comfort dog to those who need to feel safe and emotionally more stable when their world is topsy – turvy. Hence the reason I started to search direct my search for breeds that would be people friendly and could deal with a little “stress”. Via PetFinder I spotted Sparky and the Gang / West Coast Animal Rescue from Long Beach, California.

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