Disaster Relief

The Signing Families Mini-Emergency Communication Chart – For When Time Counts! (ASL- English – Spanish – Chinese)

This pocket-sized emergency communication chart has FOUR different languages represented. Photos for a dozen important informational signs are in sign language, English, Spanish and Chinese! There is a space for writing with a washable marker allows for efficient communication during challenging situations, such as medical emergencies or disasters


Gifts with Heart ❤️

Despite the tragedy and profound sense of losses, we can still hope and seek a silver lining this holiday season by giving from the heart to heal hearts. I have compiled a list of organizations or companies that want to help the greater good by doing good.  Please consider their efforts when you are gifting others’ during the holidays or just “any day”.


The Language of Laughter – An Interview with the film’s director, Reilly Dowd

This is Part 2 of a blog I recently penned about a heartwarming and enlightening film that spotlights the Syrian refugee crisis and those who are attempting to bring humor and humanity to the refugee camps – The Language of Laughter.


The HOME INVENTORY – Do you have one? (Guest Blogger, Sean Scott joins Louise)

THANKSGIVING WEEK 2014 and already we have had more snow in parts of the United States than might happen in a whole YEAR! Photo credit: K Hartman Who would have guessed that in the middle of NOVEMBER a lake effect snow disaster would have occurred in Buffalo, New York paralyzing many portions of the city for […]


Oklahoma – Rebuilding After Disaster

I HEART OKLAHOMA– in a really big way! The nicest people live in a state which sustained some of the worst tragedy at the hands of “Mother Nature”.   I first visited Oklahoma this past June, three weeks after the cities of Moore and Norman were devastated by  EF5 tornados.  I couldn’t believe what I […]


Disaster Preparedness: Helping People with Access and Functional Needs (Video included)

Disaster preparedness for people with access and functional needs is what I am hugely dedicated to providing to First Responders. Here is video which I hope helps build communication bridges. Read more about my focus on disaster preparedness to help people with challenges, such as Autism or Deafness.


My tour of Moore, Oklahoma

This past week I had an experience that took my breath away – I toured Moore, Oklahoma. The only reasonable conclusion I could make was that Mother Nature had swept up the good people of Moore’s lives and homes- put it in a massive blender only to scatter what remained randomly for miles and miles and miles. And for the record, this scene also has happened in other areas, such as Shawnee and Norman, Oklahoma. While in Oklahoma I met the MOST resilient and friendliest of people. One woman greeted me by saying, “We don’t have much left here, but we will still give you ...


DISASTER SAFETY INFORMATION FOR FAMILIES WITH SPECIAL NEEDS – 2015 updated post with additional safety resources

Update: Sadly tornado “season” has been wicked during 2015, therefore I am re – blogging this post that originally posted in 2013. At the bottom of this post is additional safety resources including for earthquake, flood, hurricane, tsunami and wildfire preparedness.


Dear First Responders, THANK YOU!

BOSTON MARATHON BOMBING * TEXAS FERTILIZER EXPLOSION * FLOODING IN MIDWEST * These events and so many more are why we all need to take a minute to thank the FIRST RESPONDERS in our community. From Police to Fire Fighters to Emergency Medical Personnel including EMTs on the scene to Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT) to Comfort Dog Associations the American Red Cross and to so many others….

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