The Signing Families Mini-Emergency Communication Chart – For When Time Counts! (ASL- English – Spanish – Chinese)

This pocket-sized emergency communication chart has FOUR different languages represented. Photos for a dozen important informational signs are in sign language, English, Spanish and Chinese!

There is a space for writing with a washable marker allows for efficient communication during challenging situations, such as medical emergencies or disasters

Educators Contest- Win Free ASL Products for Students!

Louise Sattler announces the Educators Contest for her company SIGNING FAMILIES™. Also, see how she is close to “winning” (or at least in serious contention) for the 2011 Start Up Nation Leading Women in Business Contest (Yep, “On Fire”).. and meet some special women who have the 411- Shara Lawrence- Weiss, Jenna Riggs and Liysa Callsen (