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Why Instagram is a GREAT Choice for Engagement

Why Instagram is a GREAT Choice for Engagement
I started to be a shutterbug in 1967 – the year my parents took us to Disneyland.  I must have snapped every photo on my roll of 24 within minutes of arriving to the gates where Mickey Mouse stood!  Since then I have snapped THOUSANDS of photos including countless pics of places I have visited.  Which is why when Instagram,  a photo driven social media site that depends on engagement,  became all the rage and I quickly became – “an early adopter”.


Instagram is a virtual photo album that you share with your friends and family. It also enables you to engage an audience by using a common entity known as the hashtag #.  The pros of Instagram are that you can use endless hashtags which helps like – minded people find you and your product or service. You can instantaneously share your image on to TUMBLER, FACEBOOK and TWITTER, as well. Your photo of your trip to Italy can be a useful tool for those wishing to learn about places to visit and was found simply because you uploaded a photo of Venice and tagged it #Italy #Travel #Venice.
 The cons of Instagram is that it is best used as an app and not very computer friendly.  Another con is that you cannot really comment effectively.  A big ‘ol heart for “ I love it” usually is all one can say.  Those who like to read comments are best to post on FACEBOOK.
Caution for those who think that Instagram is about snap- upload- hashtag and SELL you are WRONG.  Instagram engages an audience and may entice them to seek out more information but the company frowns heavily on direct sales and will “ding” you if you repeatedly try. So don’t add any pricing or personal contact information on any of your posts!
Lastly…Want to have a lot of people enjoy and remark on your Instagram photo? Simply do a group selfie with half a dozen celebrities at the OSCARS! Just ask ELLEN!




YES, I am guilty. I changed my mind – AGAIN!  

I have tried THREE different newsletter services, only to realize that the most efficient way to disseminate information about SIGNING FAMILIES,  the 411 VOICES network  (including my radio show)  and more was via my WORDPRESS blog!

YES, I  promise to make sure that the content is equally, if not MORE GROOVY,  than what was in my prior newsletters!

HOW TO GET the Newsletter?  Simply go to my sidebar on this blog and complete the FOLLOW THIS BLOG BY EMAIL request  or if  you use WORDPRESS you can opt to press the automatic FOLLOW button!

A  NEW NEWSLETTER  (say that three times fast) will be available for your reading enjoyment, very soon!  Plus, if you know my “style” you will soon learn that I love VIDEO content, too!

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If I could do it all again… I would _____________?

692634124_img_3531-2Over the past few weeks I have had several discussions with family, friends and acquaintances about the topic of “do overs”.  Basically, If you could do it  all again would you have _____?

Some who I engaged in discussion were in the midst of “mid- life”.  Their answers often demonstrated the fatigue one gets as being part of the “sandwich generation”.  I also asked some seniors who gave a different spin to the query and were indeed very introspective.

A few people gave answers that were guarded and only about their professional lives.

For others, the responses were hugely personal and with much elaboration.

Some were surprising (“Would have thought twice about having children”), while many were expected (“Wish I had saved more money for retirement”).

For me I wished I had perhaps chosen a different career path (interpreting) vs. working in education as a psychologist. Yet, I really have no regrets and am perfectly happy with my choice. For if I not gone the road I chose then I maybe would not have been as prepared to handle being my most important life choice of all.. The  role of MOM!

So, I ask.. Do you have any “Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda” thoughts of your own?  Feel free to share…


Happy Spring everyone!  I have been receiving a lot of requests for some of my previous blogs to be “re-blogged” on different sites.  I thought that I would take an opportunity to THANK all of the people who have stopped by to read my musings, share with others and leave positive and constructive comments. 

In case you are curious.. here are the “the ten most requested blogs/ topics” from the past three years when I started routinely blogging.  They are not listed in any certain order AFTER Map Skills which by far won the “race”.  Also, this list is fluid.. in a few weeks it all can change

#1- MAP SKILLS   I guess my frustration over people not having “common sense” and the use of a google image (gave credit) helped bring this one to the top of the list.

#2 Wisdom from Christopher Robin  for Parents of College Freshman    This blog has been requested time and time again.  It is not my favorite personal blog but  reflects the power of SEO (Site Engine Optimization) as  Winnie the Pooh still has a strong fan base and people searching “Christopher Robin” stumble upon my blog!  I’ll take it!


#3  Are YOU on a trip to Holland?  Of all the blogs I have ever posted this is by far the most personal one regarding my son and his premature birth.  My most requested blog which resonates with parents who also have unexpected challenges with the birth of their child.

#4 Hello, now GO AWAY!   I decided that I couldn’t keep silent about my cancer of the thyroid.  I wanted to be in an empowered role and educate others.  I wrote a series of articles regarding my thyroid cancer, my experience with the surgery, post surgery and even hanging out with Top Doc and Junior Docs at Hopkins Hospital.  For the most part I tried to keep it “light”..  This was the first one and again, most requested. To read the related blogs click here: CANCER

#5 Resources for Families with Autistic Children – I am happy to offer this information on a frequent basis if it helps one child or family.  I often blog for other sites on the topic of special needs and Autism.

#6 Raising a Confident teen/tween model How to get started in the “biz” .. the good, bad and ugly.  There are several articles I have written about raising a child who is a professional actor/model/ filmmaker.

#7 BULLY by Patricia Polacco (and other information about Anti-Bullying)    Sadly the topic of bullying is often searched.. thus the number of visitors to this article.

#8 Articles on Disaster Preparedness   ( I  have written numerous blogs on this topic.  Especially concerning the welfare and safety of children and adults with special needs.)  Here is the general link to all DISASTER PREPAREDNESS articles on this blog

#9 Sign Language  Apparently when you write about deafness, deaf children and sign language you drum up a boatload of readers!  So here again is the general link to all the blogs referencing sign language and topics related to deafness. SIGN LANGUAGE


#10  Guest bloggers..

This last spot is dedicated to guest bloggers.  Jennifer Heicklen’s wrote a very passionate blog about the risks First Responders take when people do not heed warnings about mandatory evacuations.  Her article on the heels of Hurricane Sandy struck a chord with many and resulted in her receiving national press.  (The article was first written as a letter to the editor for  a Philadelphia based publication)

Read Jennifer Martelle Heicklin’s article here

Zaneta Barton also wrote a blog about her experiences with raising deaf children.  This article resonated the feelings of many parents.  Read Zaneta’s blog 

Read these and other guest blogs (including by Kidlutions owner, Wendy Young  here  GUEST BLOGS)


Again, thank you for reading my blog and please let me know if you have recommendations for topics, want to be a guest blogger and/or have a favorite article that was covered on this blog.

Have a groovy day!


Blogs that make me smile and think….

I read a lot of blogs.  Not just one or two, but a whole bunch.  Many are for professional reasons, such as on education. Others are just for the “heck of it”.  Recently, I have come across a number of blogs that make me smile and think “out of the box”.  There is something about them that is full of either “warm and fuzzy feelings” or ” pearls of wisdom”.  Since, I believe in sharing information that is helpful for others, feel free to comment below.  By the way, none of the authors know I am writing this blog and including theirs in my list.  Welcome to my random list.. can’t wait to read yours.  Meet Noah, an adorable toddler who happened to have been born with Down Syndrome. His Dad has been chronicling their lives for quite some time. This blog is full of beautiful photography and pure joy.  I love the videos including NOAHS FIRST STEPS.  Warning, you may feel your ears swell with happy tears.


Jodi, Jodi, Jodi!  Where were you and your college financial blog when our family started the college search and savings plans?  Well, our loss should be another’s gain… so readers…please run , don’t walk to Jodi Okun’s blog College Financial Advisors   Also, follow Jodi on TWITTER 

He is fab and so is his blog.  Gotta love the DAILY DIMMICK blog by Stephen Dimmick.  We met via FRIENDS OF RICKI   (THE social media group in conjunction with the Ricki Lake Show).  I found his sense of humor hysterical and his dedication towards helping animals in peril- a true mitzvah!  Glad I came across Stephen’s blogs and hope you will, too!

I LOVE TWITTER... should I shout that AGAIN!  Really, TWITTER has introduced me to people and services, that I would have no idea about if I hadn’t connected via this venue. This leads me to my “visual website choice..”  Amy Goodman.   You may know Amy from  various television programs. I recently, read her book  WEAR THIS, TOSS THAT.     This book is a perfect summer time read.  I really started salivating at some of the purses and outfits and honestly hope we meet someday so Amy can access my wardrobe selections.  The book has a fair amount of constructive tips on assembling a commonsense wardrobe.  Even for those who are far from being a fashionista- like myself.   Her website is chocked full of great info, too.  Bookmark it!

Another great “find” on TWITTER was Allana Pratt.   Known as an intimacy expert, she has a great blog that helps heal and nurture relationships. Much of her work is to help those who have had complicated lives and are in need of assistance with healing from the inside outward. Allana is your person.   Her website is for mature audiences, meaning those who are in need of intimacy help.  CLICK HERE    

Alanna Tweets as @AllanaPratt


If you are a TWEETER like myself and scores of others, feel free to follow ME as @LouiseASL



This year scores of children will hear the school bell ring signaling the end of another school year and the beginning of summer camp season!  While the kids are dreaming of long days with friends playing and having all night fun in their bunks, their parents will be busily preparing their summer wardrobe trunks with hopes that  what clothing and other personal items leave their home will someday return! Thanks to LOVABLE LABELS your child’s belongings have a fighting chance of making their way back to your home! In addition, this award winning company has awesome products, many which are created to keep your child SAFE and organized!

Now I need to tell you that I received the LOVABLE LABELS in a cool multi-pack! ( I even got permission for a GIVEAWAY- so read below to participate! )  Not only were there the camp labels but also tons of colorful ways to place your child’s name and ownership to books, lunch boxes, key chains, luggage tags and much more! Have a child in daycare with lots of “stuff” to label- like boots, coats, lunch box and sippy cups? No problem! LOVBLE LABELS to the rescue as each design can be unique to your child.  Their name on brightly colored press on labels (no miserable tape or sticky stuff here!)

Now here are some very IMPORTANT and LIFE SAVING reasons why LOVABLE LABELS are A+… they have the ability to alert people in your child’s lives as to FOOD and other ALLERGIES! Imagine placing an important WARNING LABEL on your child’s lunch box, school folder or lunch payment card with information about peanut or egg allergies (to name a few!)  If you want you can have these labels personalized to include name and an emergency contact phone number.  Excellent for children who are low or nonverbal, such as with children who have Autism.  The applications of  LOVABLE LABELS are endless!

Enough of my glee with LOVABLE LABLES,  check out the slideshow which spotlights this great product for yourselves! To learn more/ order click HERE. (Come’on you know your curious!)

Follow them on TWITTER, too! @MyLovableLabels and FACEBOOK: lovablelabels.officialfanpage

****To be eligible for the Random Giveaway Contest of a free pack of PERSONALIZED LABLES  Sponsored by Lovable Labels do the following:

Comment here


If you TWEET- become a follower on TWITTER.

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Disclaimer: I received a complimentary multipack set as part of the LOVABLE LABELS promotion.   I am donating this set to a student in a local shelter. (The name on the labels is A+ STUDENT!)  

When Did RUDE Behavior Become Acceptable?

I have heard more people complain about the rudeness of others in the last week than I can ever remember (And unfortunately have been an eyewitness to my share!) People who won’t move out of the way for a mother with a baby stroller, another who wouldn’t open a door for an elderly man, and someone who got all “snippy” instead of attempting to use common everyday logical problem solving techniques. So, I ask.. where did we go wrong or is there some cosmic explanation?

Now I like to think that I am one of those people who see the good in a person before the bad. Maybe as a psychologist I have seen really dark sides to some people, so others pale in comparison. And this is not to say that rudeness is common to only one age group or demographic.  Nope. It seems to be rampant among all age groups, lately. Except for babies, they get an exemption.

I am not sure I have an answer to how we combat rudeness and put common courtesy back in to our everyday skill set.  So, please help me out and let me know how you stop pervasive rudeness / bullying among those who should know better.

Thanks for reading.  Please feel free to leave a polite and considerate comment below.


p.s. If you wish to listen to my interview this past Tuesday with Susan Ferris, click here for your listening options.  Transcript will be posted later today on this blog.

Summertime Learning for ADULTS!

Today as I am writing this post it is a hot (95 degrees) and humid (90%) day in the greater Washington D.C. area.  Don’t make any mistake in thinking that this is a “dry heat”.  So, I am especially grateful to Willis Haviland Carrier, who purportedly invented the air conditioner.  This little piece of trivia is new to me and I will add it to the list of “things” I learned during 2011.

I was raised in a home where education ruled supreme.  And after watching and reading commentary about   OPRAH‘s tribute to her by the Moorehouse University graduates who she supported, I gather that we were not the only ones.  But, if there is one thing I know for sure- it is that one should never stop learning or you just mentally wilt.    (You can watch Oprah’s surprise here)

So, here is my list of things that I want to learn the Summer of 2011.  (And add yours to the comments below!)

1- Zumba.  Yes, I want to learn more about this form of dance. Would love to hear from others who have tried this dance and exercise form.

2-  Learn about HTML. That is a computer term and program “thing” – for those who may need to brush up on it, like me.

3– Read more.  I want to read about a random topic.  I haven’t picked it out – yet.  That will take a trip to the library. And thank the goodness we still have libraries!

4. Learn how to play Mahjong.

and lastly… 5.  Learn more about how to operate my “fancy” camera.

TAG – YOU’RE IT!  What will you learn this Summer?



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Missed my debut radio segment which airs during the 411 Voices- Arts, Entertainment and the Business of it ALL! show?  I was privileged to interview Talent Manager, Susan Ferris from the Bohemia Group.  Here is the audio-  Listen Here

Want to learn American Sign Language later this Summer?  SIGNING FAMILIES will be offering ONLINE COURSES starting August 2011.  Here is what we will be rolling out…

Just for Kids– a basic sign class geared for kids and taught by kids!

Just the Basics- A Sign Class for anyone who wishes to learn, with emphasis on those who are in the hospitality, restaurant, vacation attractions, hotel and business industries.

Adaptive/ Functional Sign Language A course designed to teach children, their families and educators within the special education communities.

Sign language for medical and dental personnel. 



     RUN.  An easy word with so many meanings. And a nightmare for anyone who desperately is trying to learn the English language.  Think about it. How many different meanings can you list for this little three- letter word?
Of course there is the obvious.. “Watch Dick and Jane run.”   Or given the season,  The ____ (fill in your favorite baseball team name) has scored another homerun.  
     I have taught American Sign Language (ASL) to hearing students for a zillion years.  And with my advanced classes I always try to show them how RUN can be signed a multitude of ways.  When we are done with this exercise we are all practically sweating.  Keep in mind that these are mostly English- speaking students learning ASL.  Imagine how hard this is for my students who do not have English as their first language?  They often struggle learning the numerous meanings of one little ‘ol word, let alone all the other words in the English language that have multiple meanings.
Yet, for some reason, this particular word seems to really be a stand out for me.  So, here are all the uses of the word RUN that my students and I have put on a list.  Any others?  Feel free to add below in the comment section.
Run in a woman’s pantyhose
Running water
Running off with ones’ mouth
Runny nose
Run for ones’ life
Running brook, stream, etc.
A run for a political office
Running a temperature/ fever
Run the risk of….
Feeling “run – down”
Run- off
Running out of steam
Being give the – Runaround 

Now your turn- add any uses of the word “RUN” below or add a comment about another word that just seems to drive you a bit crazy…….  Well, I’m running out of time for this blog… Thanks for reading!
Just want to point out that my American Idol pick- James Durbin is still in the competition.  Just say’in.  He may just “run away with” the competition, afterall.

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