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Back to School… What your student needs to put in their backpack that is NOT a school supply

WOW! Is it me, or did this summer ‘fly by”? Well, if it is August then that means just one thing to an educator/ parent/ retail store owner – BACK TO SCHOOL!

Ahhh… the smell of new pencils, paper and notebooks! Oh wait- that was my memory from 30 years ago.. now in the year 2013 we have recollections of the smell of a freshly unboxed iPad and earbuds!

Do we still have backpacks? I hope so as I have amassed a list of what a student should put in their backpack that is NOT a school supply!

A list of emergency contacts. Whether your students is 6 or 16, a list of emergency contacts can be a lifesaver. Don’t assume that the child will remember all the names, numbers and addresses or that they are in their cell phone, so there is no need to write them down.
List of any medications they are taking or are allergic to (and in general any allergies)
Emergency money for lunch or a cab ride home. I still have a recurring nightmare of having forgotten my lunch money and my mom having to come and bring me lunch. The principal was not the happiest “camper” on a good day, so having a student in the office when she wanted to leave was intimidating to say the least!

Are You on a Trip to Holland?

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