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Memorial Day Post of Thanks

When many think of Memorial Day their minds automatically wander to thoughts of backyard BBQs, the opening weekend of the local swimming pool or sales in department stores. I think of the Vietnam Memorial in Washington DC that is often adorned with mementos from those who have served and their families.


If you could give advice to start-up entrepreneurs…

I recently attended a bridal shower and this question was posed… “What would be the one piece of advice to give to a new couple?” Lots of great pearls of wisdom were generated by the shower attendees. A lot of what was said really resonated with me. During the drive home I realized that I […]


Am I too old for social media? Survey for those who dare to answer

I am getting the sense that my “mature” demographic is not necessarily the one desired by brands, unless it is for medical equipment or pharmaceuticals. Maybe I am just having a bit of “post- birthday blues”. But, in all seriousness, lately, I have had more than one overt signal that I am too old to be a viable media specialist. I won’t lie – that stings a wee bit.

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