How a Mother of an Autistic Child Started My Entrepreneurial Journey – Signing Families

Louise Sattler founded Signing Families because of a single comment a mother said to her at an IEP meeting.


Too Close To Home… #SanBernardino

Most of the practice scenarios were in case of an earthquake. tornado or vehicular accident. But yesterday it wasn’t a practice scenario. It wasn’t a workshop video. Yesterday it was REAL LIFE. Real people. Real suffering. Real blood. Real tears. Unreal. Surreal. While my eyes were affixed on CNN and the reporters – I couldn’t help but notice the people in the background. The First Responders I trained were there. On TV. Helping so many of the helpless. There they were evacuating those with functional needs and their caretakers. WOW!


December Newsletter: 2013 in Review, ASL Style

Happy December! I know every year has 12 months, yet this year seemed to have gone by in a flash! I use to keep better track of the seasons, and time in general, during the “parenting years” – when I had kids in school. Back then I knew what month it was by what PTA project I volunteered to do. October was the Halloween parade, December was buying teacher holiday gifts, and so on. Now that my kids are grown and my status is that of having a “low occupancy home”, I realized that I must now resort to keeping track of the old fashioned ...


When the Earth Shakes and Spins! How to be prepared for Earthquakes and Tornadoes!

If a hurricane hit your home today would have an evacuation plan? If you awoke in the middle of the night to the earth trembling and your home shaking violently- would you know what to do? Green skies are often the first warning of a tornado coming – where should you go? Dangerous chemicals were let in to the air following a train derailment near your home – would you know what to do and where to get credible information for either evacuation or sheltering in place? There are so many disaster scenarios that specialists in the field of “community safety” are figuring out strategies ...


DISASTER SAFETY INFORMATION FOR FAMILIES WITH SPECIAL NEEDS – 2015 updated post with additional safety resources

Update: Sadly tornado “season” has been wicked during 2015, therefore I am re – blogging this post that originally posted in 2013. At the bottom of this post is additional safety resources including for earthquake, flood, hurricane, tsunami and wildfire preparedness.



TOMORROW, April 2, 2013 is LIGHT IT UP BLUE for AUTISM AWARENESS DAY. So, it is my pleasure to introduce you to SWEET CRUSH ICE, a Los Angeles based dessert company who will be helping to give back to the Autism community with every taste of their incredible low-fat dessert.

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