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LOVE SHOULD NOT HURT.. A Campaign Sponsored by 411 VOICES

This month the experts of 411 VOICES are dedicating our efforts and shining the spotlight on domestic violence and school bullying. Our hopes are to educate all and support victims.  We have listed numerous resources, including videos in ASL on the 411 VOICES website. Click here for our list
Below is a video in ASL created by Gallaudet University students. Please support our efforts by following 411 VOICES on Twitter (@411VOICES) and “retweeting” the information we post so we can help to save lives and show support to victims of domestic violence and bullying.

Per request, Another ASL Vocabulary Lesson for the New Year!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! I have had multiple requests for new vocabulary to be uploaded on to my SIGNING FAMILIES FACEBOOK page.  However, it is cumbersome and you can’t offer a groovy slideshow. So, without further ado, enjoy your ASL VOCABULARY lesson to start the NEW YEAR! For more information about learning ASL online, CLICK HERE.

Other ways to connect:  SIGNING FAMILIES     *       Twitter      *        YouTube Channel

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2011 – Learn, Create, Support, Educate and Breathe

This has been quite a year! So, as usual I will defer to photos instead of words to capture the year – end synopsis. From many traveling opportunities such as to Mac World with The PaperShow, EMS trainings, Parent- Child workshops, to creating educational videos for, products for SIGNING FAMILIES (hence all the kids in photos), and including tons of time working in media and social media and with, expanding my professional horizons with the  co- creation of 411 VOICES and my joining The Linicomn Agency – LA Division for Exceptional Talent, to time time with family and friends and battling the beast (cancer) only to turn those lemons in to a Twitter-esque lemonade, and much more!… WHEW..

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Kids with Special Needs AND Exceptional Talent… Apply Here

It is with great pleasure that I announce my new venture! I have been asked to join The Linicomn Agency to help open their second office in Los Angeles. This company first piqued my attention when it was apparent that they didn’t want to open a traditional talent agency, but a boutique service that would be for individuals with learning or physical challenges. WOW.. this I can do!

My role will be as a lisasion between talent and casting directors. Also, I will be an educational consultant helping children and young adults who have learning challenges such as Down Syndrome, Aspergers, or Learning Disabilities, receive an opportunity to be “submitted and pitched” like their peers.  Actors between the ages of 3-25 years of age who are deaf, blind or have mobility difficulties and use a wheelchair will be able to submit for consideration for representation to The Linicomn Agency, as well.  As a fluent signer, I can easily communicate with people who use sign language as their primary or secondary modes of communication

Actors can read more about The Linicomn Agency on the website:

The LA office is slated to open this Winter 2012.  Casting directors and organizations wishing to learn more, please connect via this post

For more information, please feel free to comment here and I’ll email you personally.  ( I have learned not to leave an email in a post or you will be super-spammed)


Madelyn and Jake, two of our SIGNING FAMILIES KIDS

This year I made a new holiday sign language video with the help of some really awesome kids! Feel free to check out Madelyn, Jake, Samantha and many more in our Just for Kids Holiday Signs Video. (See below or click on the link to go directly to YouTube)

Almost daily I post sign language instructional resources and information to help those in the special needs communities on my  SIGNING FAMILIES FACEBOOK page.  

Want to make a New Years Resolution to Learn SIGN LANGUAGE? Check out our new online courses on the SIGNING FAMILIES website and tons of links to help you on your way!



Wednesday, November 9, 2011 has been designated as the National Emergency Alert Test Day.  This will be only a TEST.  Information that is IMPORTANT for our deaf friends can be found here   (The video includes American Sign Language– ASL)

Below you will find the SIGNING FAMILIES Sign Expressions Emergency Card that was created for EMS, Firefighters, Law Enforcement , to name a few, to help facilitate communication with ASL users and Spanish speakers.  Send an email to to learn how you or your organization can receive one or more cards for less than 75 cents each (this weeks special).


This has been an unprecedented week in my life.  Without going more than 5 miles from my home I have experienced an earthquake, tornado, my son leaving for college and our dog, Bingo, saying his last goodbye.  Talk about an emotionally charged week.   Since, I couldn’t  do anything to change the course of those events I will focus on another farewell… BORDERS BOOKS and MUSIC.

My love affair with BORDERS started when I first saw the shiny box store.  Anyone who knows me will attest that I long have needed a program to get over my addiction to buying books (especially children’s books).  BORDERS became my place to browse with my young preschoolers and keep them happy with a cookie and hot chocolate during months where the sun went down before dinner! A venue for other moms with strollers to meet and laugh over a latte.  Where we could sit and hear a local or nationally renowned author read aloud excerpts from their books.  And, where I heard my friend, Tom Sullivan, perform his great music.

BORDERS also was the first area store to spotlight my BABY, TODDLER and PRESCHOOL SIGN LANGUAGE DVD.  They allowed me a great spot during their Educators’ Promotions week and I was so grateful for their sales and hospitality.  This kind of treatment meant the world to me and helped jumpstart my business, SIGNING FAMILIES.   

Goodbye BORDERS, my friend.

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