5 Tips to Learning Sign Language – videos included

Sign language is popular! Why? Because, this past year, Nyle DiMarco not only took top honors as America’s Next Top Model, but also won with partner, Peta Murgatroyd, Dancing with the Stars ! An amazing feat for anyone to win BOTH in a single year, let alone a lifetime. Even more astonishing is that the dance award was given to a man who happens not to hear! So, thank you Nyle for making ASL cool and motivating scores of hearing people to want to learn more about the Deaf community and sign language! Related: See the dances and scores from #DWTS here If you are ...


TEN SIGNS for NEW ASL LEARNERS (Free download)

Happy Holidays! As a present from me to YOU I am offering a FREE downloadable pdf of 10 FAVORITE SIGNS from SIGNING FAMILIES (my instructional company.) Free Download included in the BLOG


Coming soon – ASL videos to learn signs for travel!

Each year Signing Families, the company I founded nearly a decade ago, adds new videos to our free online catalog available on YouTube.   This year we are creating more sign language videos dedicated to the topic of travel!  Learn signs for countries, ways to travel and more!  This series of videos will be focused on […]


Learn the ASL Alphabet via Fun Word Search Puzzles!

Looking for a fun AND educational gift this holiday season? Try this series of FINGER ALPHABET COOL KIDS WORD SEARCH PUZZLES. I received a set to review this week and must admit they are FUN! Also, note that the puzzle books are marked by levels and type of words- such as Verbs or Adjectives. Great for beginning ASL classes.


First week of the ASL Challenge

Have you joined the SIGNING FAMILIES 31 DAYS ASL CHALLENGE?! Each day during October 2014 I am uploading sign language videos for easy learning. Here are this weeks signs and a video of #5 – FAMILY


Will you accept the ASL CHALLENGE?

Starting tomorrow, October 1st, I will be hosting a 31 days, 31 ASL CHALLENGE on YouTube. It is my goal to teach people FREE how to communicate using basic sign language. The signs will be geared for daily living and school terminology with a sprinkle of signs in the event of a disaster or medical emergency. Sign language has traditionally been considered only used within the Deaf community. However, more and more children and adults with Autism and Down Syndrome are now learning sign for communication, too! Starting tomorrow, October 1st, I will be hosting a 31 days, 31 ASL CHALLENGE on YouTube. It is ...


What are you doing October 16th at 10:16 a.m.?

On October 16th at 10:16 in the morning, I will be joining the 9.2 million Californians and 19 million worldwide (and counting) individuals who are planning on stopping EVERYTHING to participate in the SHAKE OUT earthquake and tsunami drill! Registration is EASY and the whole drill only takes a few minutes. WOW – five minutes to practice how to be safe when a disaster strikes! And, for you non-west coast folks – don’t think that earthquakes are just “our thing”. If memory recalls correctly – one of the most recent earthquakes of a magnitude greater than 5.0 in the United States happened in Virginia!


ASL Holiday Signs

On behalf of SIGNING FAMILIES we wish all a happy holiday season. Here are some common words in American Sign Language (ASL) for this time of year. For more information about sign language or to learn how to sign – please visit our website or our FACEBOOK page where nearly 5000 people visit and share. There you will find scores of links to our ASL videos on YouTube and much much, more! ENJOY! ~Louise


What is in your lunchbox?

Many families who follow SIGNING FAMILIES have asked me to post words in American Sign Language which are food related. So, here you go.. foods that help keep us healthy! #ASL #HealthyLiving

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