Biden-Harris – My Choice – for Reasons that May Surprise You.

A few years ago Hubby and I traveled to Japan.  We were looking forward to meeting people from this amazing country, but were unprepared for some unexpected questions directed to us.  

Did you vote for him?” , asked a few people while we were at trains stops or touring around Japan’s lovely cities.

  “Are you embarrassed by him?”, asked one meek woman, as she directed this question to me  while I shopped in a Kyoto city store. 


 That last question got to me then, and still tugs at my heart now.   Now more than ever I reflect on this one question! 

Was I,  an American citizen, embarrassed by the President of the United States ?

How did I answer this serious query when it was originally asked in the  year 2018?  Well. I was a coward.  Or maybe I showed an ounce of decorum.  Perhaps,  I was just too stunned.  I really am not sure it matters, as   I didn’t answer the question when it was asked.  But, I believe this would have been my answer , had I the courage or gumption to answer –  YES.  Absolutely and sadly – Yes. 

In all fairness, I  was embarrassed by many of our leaders and their behavior in 2018.  Including POTUS. My angst continued  into  2019.  Then 2020 just crushed me.  Nothing has  made sense in 2020. So much so, that I haven’t really  slept in months and my stomach is in perpetual knots.  

(Oops…  I am sorry about the TMI above.) 

I  also apologize  if you are a supporter of POTUS and find my blog to be offensive. Feel free to stop reading.  

Also, know that I respect the current POTUS’ right to be President, He won in 2016.  But, that doesn’t mean  I will  vote for him in 2020. Nor will I  campaign for him. Not a chance. 

And, I won’t even name “him” in this article.   And, watching his behavior during the 2020 campaign (such as during debates, traveling  around campaigning with Covid 19 and potentially infecting others, etc.) – makes me even more committed to write this article. 

Instead of blogging  my additional and  very lengthy list of reasons why I will  never vote for the current POTUS, I will mention just a few of my main  reasons why I AM supporting the Biden- Harris ticket.tBiden supports the right for all to have equal educational opportunities. A very long time ago I met Joe Biden. I worked in Delaware and as fate would have it – we ended up at the same place, at the same time. He was compassionate about the education of all children – regardless of their zip code or abilities.

  1. Biden has a plan about higher education opportunities. Joe Biden has designed a plan for people to go to college with financial support- if needed. Read more here
  2. Joe Biden has the wisdom of experience – he knows about how others live and cultures through his many miles of travel.  He has honed his skills regarding  the art of negotiation on the global theater.  He thinks like a common man when he is anything but ordinary.  He knows how to demonstrate genuine compassion because he has experienced great personal loss.  He has experience that others simply do not. 
  3. He will be respected worldwide – Thus I probably will not be asked when traveling to a foreign country if the leader of the United States embarrasses me.  And, maybe the world’s citizens, together,  will strive to help end global warming, pandemic health issues and much more – 
  4. Joe Biden (and his staff)  think before they tweet . In fact, he recognizes that national policy is made in Washington DC and not on Twitter.
  5. He isn’t perfect and he knows it.   If he bragged about his accomplishments without mentioning his imperfections, I would hesitate. 
  6. He picked a running mate who could stand on her own,  is smart beyond measure,  and could assume the role of President, if there was an emergency.   Kamala Harris is one to watch. 

I know that by writing this very candid blog I am opening myself up to all kinds of criticism and commentary.  If you are respectful – go ahead and let me know what you think. 

If you are going to be a bully or just spew ugliness – I will block you.   If you are hateful – I will report you to whatever social media site you comment on.   Plain and simple.

Lastly, PLEASE VOTE.  Regardless of who you support , if you are a US Citizen and eligible to vote – please do!