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I had an awesome experience speaking with Louise, she was a great expert /professional in the space. She came very well prepared for the call and had great insights. She is was easy to talk to and did a great job helping me to understand the nuances of the social media space in a way that was very helpful. She had both imaginative and practical suggestions. We were able to craft the outline of a plan and hope to work together soon. I would strongly recommend that any organization that needs a thoughtful voice should work with Louise.
Adam H.
Messina Captor Films Inc. has been working  with Louise Sattler Consulting for nearly four years. Louise Sattler Consulting handles all my personal and the company’s social media marketing and PR needs.  Louise and her team are professional, experienced and current. They remain up to date on all the prominent social media sights.
Louise handles every aspect of a clients needs. From designing websites, designing project posters, writing press releases, pitching projects to the media and holding her clients hands when they need it. Like Louise, her team goes the extra mile to make sure every aspect of a campaign is complete, perfect and professional.
I am so happy I found Louise Sattler Consulting.
Roxanne Messina Captor

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