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Travel Photography

12 months of Travel.  While I am not the best photographer, I am passionate about photography and travel. These photos are unfiltered / unedited.


All About Traveling – Differently!

I believe that travel affords us some of the best life lessons. That is why I started TRAVELING- DIFFERENTLY to share resources and reviews to help guide families and those with unique challenges.


Amazon Prime Day(s) Picks for Tech, Travel and Back to School (July 2018 Promo)

July 2018 Amazon Prime Days are upon us and here are Louise Sattler’s picks for Technology, Back to School and Travel products.


VISION GLOBAL WIFI – In search of bloggers/ influencers and those who love to travel! (Part 2)

Louise Sattler shares her experiences about Vision Global WIFI. NOTE: Keep in mind that Global Vision WIFI is seeking bloggers/ influencers for their new affiliate program, so if that describes YOU – connect here.


Lessons Learned from a Cemetery

There are a lot of valuable lessons I learned while recently traveling to Japan.  However, the Japanese culture for burials is one that fascinates me.


How we made a loser year end like a winner with trips to Hawaii and Alaska (Part one of three)

Acts of terrorism, political campaigns that were so toxic it made many want to change citizenship and a “Mother Nature” that seemed to be angry with our world were more than most could handle! That is when hubby and I said enough was enough! We needed to change the course of negativity that was entrapping us and end the year with some redeeming glimmer of positivity. There seemed to be very little debate as how to make a loser year end like a winner. We would simply need to pack our suitcases and GO!


Need an alternative to your current WIFI source? Consider this option, I am.

Based in Japan, Vision Global WIFI, has a huge presence in Asia between their Wifi device rentals and their popular SIM card business.  Now they are seeking to “break-out” in to the United States market with a robust social media marketing campaign. Louise Sattler is testing the device and will report back via the blog and social media.


Traveling Differently- Resources

Are you a travel business or organization that offers assistance for those who travel differently? I would love to add you to my new resource page here! And, if you are a traveler with unique challenges – please let me know about your experiences or resources to be included in this forum!   THANK YOU! […]


Recent Press

Recent news about Louise Masin Sattler and Signing Families. Including interviews and media appearances.

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