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Our “Trip to Holland” – the Next Chapter

More than three years ago I wrote a blog post that has since gone “viral”. It is about our son, Seth and how how his premature birth story. I originally wrote the blog as a letter to other parents and as a way to share with our son about the “back story” of the early months and years of his life. Since then I have written updates and now I write another. Seth will be graduating next week from Michigan State with a degree in Criminal Justice. In 1992 the only request I made of our our son was to keep breathing. Now we know ...



Happy Spring everyone! I have been receiving a lot of requests for some of my previous blogs to be “re-blogged” on different sites. I thought that I would take an opportunity to THANK all of the people who have stopped by to read my musings, share with others and leave positive and constructive comments. In case you are curious.. here are the “the ten most requested blogs/ topics” from the past three years when I started routinely blogging. They are not listed in any certain order AFTER Map Skills which by far won the “race”. Also, this list is fluid.. in a few weeks it ...


Are You on a Trip to Holland?

Once again I have been asked by several people to repost this article.  If it helps one parent get through the tough times of having an unexpected premature baby, a child with special needs or another tough circumstance then it is worth the few minutes for me to post. Here it is from the Early […]

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