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2018 – Another year of “Life Lessons”

Hello (almost) 2019!  I must admit that 2018 was a roller-coaster year.  I can only sum it up with these handful of “life lessons”…  Kindness Matters.  These aren’t just words. This is a call to action to demonstrate without fanfare how kindness matters every single day and to pass on this quest to the younger generation. […]



REMISSION – To  a cancer patient this is a word that makes your heart sing and your feet want to dance.  Almost two years ago to the day of my writing this blog I had the news that no one likes to get.. “Your test results show that you have cancer.”  If you read this […]



Happy Spring everyone! I have been receiving a lot of requests for some of my previous blogs to be “re-blogged” on different sites. I thought that I would take an opportunity to THANK all of the people who have stopped by to read my musings, share with others and leave positive and constructive comments. In case you are curious.. here are the “the ten most requested blogs/ topics” from the past three years when I started routinely blogging. They are not listed in any certain order AFTER Map Skills which by far won the “race”. Also, this list is fluid.. in a few weeks it ...


Hello. Now Go AWAY!!

I am writing this the week of my induction in to “warrior” camp.  This is a very special, by invitation only  camp.  I was invited unexpectedly and didn’t really want to accept the invite. I hate camping.  And, I was way too overbooked with my own personal agenda to feel the need to indulge within […]


Summer Reading Recommendations from Kids to Adults

Hello Everyone!  Each year I receive a zillion books to review from publicists and authors. This year, I have chosen a select few to comprise my 2012 Summer Reading List.  Note, I could have written volumes, but I am choosing to spotlight just a few books. Many are niche, meant for only a select few […]

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