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from Sharon Silver

03/07/2014 “Louise Sattler was a guest on my show. It quickly became apparent that she’s what you would call a “dream guest.” She’s lively and filled with funny, relevant stories that create an air of instant friendship for the host and the listening audience. She has the quick wit to be able to switch from […]


Social Media Correspondent

Have you ever hosted an amazing event and wished that people knew about it beyond the guests who attended? That is the role of the social media correspondent and how they can help you broadcast news and create a media buzz! Louise’s experience with being a social media correspondent includes at events for Vanity Affair, […]


Mark Your Calendars: One Day at a Time / Season 3: February 8th on Netflix!

Let me begin this article by openly saying that I am old enough to recall the original Norman Lear sitcom, One Day at a Time. The storyline chronicled the trials and tribulations of a single mom (played by Bonnie Franklin) and her two daughters ( Valerie Bertinelli and MacKenzie Philips). For the 1970’s, it was […]


You never know who you will meet on a cruise.

We are what people may call a “social” family.   We make friends of strangers easily.  And when it comes to long cruises – we make lots of friends.  So, it will come to no surprise that we met some very interesting people with extraordinary stories aboard our ship. And, they were our amazing Princess Cruise ship staff. 


The HOME INVENTORY – Do you have one? (Guest Blogger, Sean Scott joins Louise)

THANKSGIVING WEEK 2014 and already we have had more snow in parts of the United States than might happen in a whole YEAR! Photo credit: K Hartman Who would have guessed that in the middle of NOVEMBER a lake effect snow disaster would have occurred in Buffalo, New York paralyzing many portions of the city for […]


A photo tour of Fallingwater

Not too far from Pittsburgh or the West Virginia border in a little town called Mill Run, Pennsylvania sits one of the most unique architectural treasures in the United States – Fallingwater. This one – of – a kind home was built in 1935 by none other than Frank Lloyd Wright for the Kaufman family as their second home.


10 gifts that your child will remember long after the holiday is gone.

Holiday gift ideas that will make a lifetime of memories for a child.


Celebrating the Emmy Awards- Celebrity Connected Style

A day at Celebrity Connected celebrating the Emmy Awards with actors, athletes, social media influencers, media and great vendors!


Essential Oils: Helping De-stress Dogs and Humans

Dog anxiety is no joke. Dogs can exhibit anxious behavior over what humans think are the “silliest” things. When we first adopted Bayla, our Rhodesian Ridgeback / Shepherd/ Lab mix, she would shake uncontrollably whenever she saw a white panel van. Since, we didn’t know any of her “back story”, other than she was rescued as a stray, we could only imagine the reasons why she became so upset when she saw white trucks. Bayla also would be scared of certain noises, other dogs that approached her without warning and so on and so on.

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