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School and Family Disaster Resource Page

WHAT TO DO IF DISASTER STRIKES Many agencies including FEMA and the RED CROSS offer much information, including for for families with special populations. GENERAL ASSISTANCE, including Access and Functional Needs Information:  RED CROSS disaster safety checklist in multiple languges DISASTER ASSISTANCE by FEMA  ASSISTANCE FOR THE AUTISM COMMUNITY: Spirit of Autism Autism Speaks ASL / SIGN LANGUAGE RESOURCES FOR […]


Have you registered for the 2018 #ShakeOut Drill yet?

This is a friendly reminder for ALL of you to register for the 2018 ShakeOut drill!


Sign Language for Emergency Responders

SIGNING FAMILIES offers a variety of programs for Emergency Responders including EMS, CERT, Schools and Public Health Organizations QUICK LINKS: Sign Language for Emergency Situations Mini-Chart – Click here to order Learn more about our special AFN training  This is our direct link to our Resource Page   Communication when time is of the essence is […]


About Helping Those with Autism

  What is Autism?  Autism is a complicated disorder that is neurologically based. Autism is a spectrum, that is why it is known as ASD) with these being the most distinctive characteristics: 1. Communication challenges which may mean using sign language, communication boards, or another augmentative means for communication 2- Challenges with social-interaction 3 – […]


What lessons have we learned from Hurricane Katrina?

For many, Katrina will forever be remembered as a “one-two- three punch” of a storm. First the hurricane, then the flooding and then the failure for help to arrive when needed the most.


The Language of Laughter – An Interview with the film’s director, Reilly Dowd

This is Part 2 of a blog I recently penned about a heartwarming and enlightening film that spotlights the Syrian refugee crisis and those who are attempting to bring humor and humanity to the refugee camps – The Language of Laughter.


Paying tribute to the Red Cross during the Asian World Film Festival

A teen with a rare blood type receives a transfusion. A shelter is opened for families who lost everything in a tornado. A parent learns CPR before the birth of their baby. An earthquake hits Nepal a few years after another has devastated Japan. What do all of these scenarios have in common? The Red Cross . I have seen firsthand the work of the Red Cross. It was during Hurricane Agnes while I was living in a small town in Western New York. One day we had a beautiful village with several schools and a hospital. The day Agnes stalled over our village we ...


DISASTER SAFETY TIPS FOR FAMILIES WITH SPECIAL NEEDS – 2015 updated post with additional safety resources

An update of my 2013 post with additional resources


A Top 10 list that can save lives!

I have spent considerable time perusing the ShakeOut site and I came across some great features that I thought would be of interest to families, homeschooler and educators. Here is the list of my “Top 10”! 1- REGISTER your family, business, school, organization or individuals for the ShakeOut drill via this LINK. When all registered let others know by clicking the social media platform share buttons. Note: Don’t miss the weekly Seven Steps to Earthquake Safety tweet chats by following on Twitter @ShakeOut 2- Play BEAT THE QUAKE – a game that uses loads of action and interesting questions to pique the interest of any ...

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