VISION GLOBAL WIFI – In search of bloggers/ influencers and those who love to travel! (Part 2)

I recently  penned a preview of the Vision Global WIFI   pocket systems.  Today, I will be sharing my experiences as a user of these products.

I first was introduced to the Vision Global WIFI  product line while attending the LA TRAVEL and ADVENTURE SHOW.  I had just returned from Japan, so immediately felt an overwhelming source of irony that I had spent ten days while in Japan seeking viable WIFI options would find them in my own backyard just a day after my return!

After several meetings with representatives from Vision Global WIFI, I agreed to take two of their products out for a “test run” and also have an affiliate account  if others were interested.  (Consider this my disclaimer, too.)

The two products I have been using are their G2: 4G Wireless Data Terminal for international and United States data needs and the MiFi device by Verizon, strictly for use within the USA.  Both arrived within a day of my ordering and were packaged with all the accessory ancillary pieces in one nice carrying pouch.

IMG_4316.JPG       IMG_8584


The G2/4G is a hunk of a powerful tool.  It is a little bit hefty but, when you consider you are able to connect with lightening speed to WIFI it is worth the few extra ounces.  This device  came with international connections – to help with recharging, etc. I would definitely suggest this product to those “on the go” with their travels.  That includes bloggers and influencers who need to be “always on the ready” for their trips.

NOTE: Keep in mind that Global Vision WIFI is seeking bloggers/ influencers for their new affiliate program, so if that describes YOU – connect here.




In all honestly, I have been toting around the MiFi device for a few weeks now and love it.  As you may know, I often am working as a social media correspondent in places that have little to no WIFI.  You would think that a major hotel or red carpet would come equipped with WIFI – but no such luck.  In lieu of eating up my data plan, I have been using this MiFi device and give it two thumbs up.  The cost is almost a “break even” if I was to increase my personal data plan instead of using this device. The advantage is that other media correspondents and myself could connect to the same device at the same time. Thus, we didn’t waste unnecessary data on five devices.

The plusses are many, but one of my favorites is the seemingly endless battery life.  I am not the best at recharging WIFI units, but this one seems to have an extra long battery life and that has saved me many times.  Here is an example, just this past week I was visiting at the magnificient Terranea Resort.  While my friend and her hotel room had WIFI we had so many devices going at once during our work meeting I was afraid we wouldn’t get super connectivity.  Then we heard a band playing outside her room.  What a concert?  Yes, indeed!  Apparently, One Republic was booked at the resort for a private concert and we had first row seats! Now I needed a stronger signal to record this impromptu event and didn’t want to use a ton of my data – so I popped out my Vision Global MiFi device and three of us were able to record and post to social media without any interruption in service or connection.  The device was still charged after being in purse for almost a week!

Takeaway- have this device in your pocket/ pocketbook for those times when you need WIFI and a strong signal without wanting to use your data plan.



I recently interviewed Luke Nakagawa, representative from Vision Global WIFI.  Here’s more of the scoop:

(Louise) How many devices can connect to these WIFI devices?

(Luke) One device can connect up to 5 devices. Great for family vacations.

(Louise) Where are users able to get services?

(Luke) The G2 can be used in more than 60 countries alone. (That is the device I mentioned above).  We cover more than 130 countries with all the devices available. 

( Louise) What about service in the United States?

( Luke) The US device is mainly for customers that visit US, not customers looking to rent for domestic use. 

(Note: I would almost have to add that US customers would like this device if they are going places where they don’t want to use their data, such as vacations, media correspondents, travel by Recreational Vehicle, sporting events, etc.)

( Louise) Any discounts or incentives?
(Luke) After 13 days our long-term discount kicks in so looking at a more affordable connection up until 30days.
The extra message from Vision Global WIFI is simply…  If you are a blogger or influencer and often travel – they want to talk with you. 






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