Need an alternative to your current WIFI source? Consider this option, I am.

Have you ever traveled to a place that has pretty slim pickings when it comes to WIFI friendly establishments? Or have ended up in a hotel that wants to charge you $8 or more a day for a single device use? Maybe you are at a conference and the venue isn’t providing free WIFI except for in the lobby. And my personal favorite – when your own WIFI service doesn’t work in port when you are on a cruise. For a person like me, who is WIFI dependent, a frequent traveler and often can’t “do without”, I need reliable WIFI?

Recently, I met at the LA TRAVEL and ADVENTURE SHOW my solution to help me out –  Vision Global WIFI.  This company offers pocket sized portable WIFI  hotspots that can be flexible with their service packages and powerful enough for five devices to work off a single device. Great for people on the go, go, go!

Based in Japan, Vision Global WIFI, has a huge presence in Asia between their Wifi device rentals and their popular SIM card business.  Now they are seeking to “break-out” in to the United States market with a robust social media marketing campaign.

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First, let’s learn how it works.  In the United States you can order via this easy link and it will arrive FedEx. Be sure to let them know the exact length of your rental needs.  The rental starts from your departure date from the US until the return date to the US.  Next, request to learn about the options for rental devices.  Chances are you will rent their most popular and agnostic device that can provide you with Wifi access across 130 countries!  Next decide on a plan. It is important to convey the exact length of your needs –  14 days, 30 days, etc.

Unlike other plans, a major differentiator is that  FIVE devices can use the same equipment as long as you are within radius and for usually less money that running competitor versions or racking up data usage bills on your mobile phone plans.

Once the device is literally “in hand” set-up is easy peasy! 

Step 1: Turn on the WIFI device and set your telephone / computer/ tablet to receive a WIFI signal


Step 2: When the device is on you will see the WIFI address. Look for the address on your personal device, as well.  



Step 3: Add the password that will appear under the Wifi Name (my photo does not show this for security reasons.)

Step 4: When you return from your trip or the period of loaning is completed- be sure to return pronto!

Now, I am about to embark on using the above Vision Global WIFI device in order to give an authentic review of the actual workability.  So far, during my set-up process, I was duly impressed.  It was less than two minutes and I was set up and ready to use the incredibly fast WIFI.

Note:  I am receiving this device free of charge in exchange for an honest review. But, I promise to let you know the pros and cons, as transparency is what social media should be all about.

I also learned that other travel reviewers are being sought. So, if you are one who would like to learn more I  offer you this email to connect.

Stay tuned for my updates!

Ready to try it now instead of waiting for my review?  Here is a sign up link  that will let the folks at Vision Global WIFI know that you read this blog and want to rent their product!



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