Joani Plenty – Anti-Bullying Advocate, Social Media Dynamo and … my GUEST tonight!

headshot_mainJoani Plenty and I go WAY back.. or at least a year or so .. with our friendship.  We met while being social media contributors via the FRIENDS OF RICKI for the Ricki Lake Show..  Among her many, many talents, Joani is the “real deal”.  She is on the forefront of helping advocate for anti-bullying programs that WORK!   Her approach to helping our communities, including those who like to bully in cyberspace, is raw, genuine and passionate. You can learn more about this from her website B4Bully.

With that said.. Joani also is an author, success coach, social media maven and quite frankly “hold on to your pants” FUNNY!

YEP.. she knows how to make you laugh!

Which is why I am so thrilled that she is my guest tonight  (July 14th, 9pET, 6pPT) on the Louise Sattler Show. Listen here LIVE or as a DOWNLOAD.

Here is how you can connect with Joani and all her social media “wow-ness”

TWITTER:  @JoaniPlenty and @B4Bully



Below is a video which explains the GIVER GAMES , a unique approach to teaching how to be a GIVER and not a BULLY.  Enjoy!

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