Newtown Tragedy- Immeasurable Heartbreak


There are no words that could take away the heartbreak and profound grief of a parent who just found out that their child has died as the result of  a horrific crime. I won’t even pretend to comprehend that the depth of this kind of grief.  However, I do know that collectively people can help with healing by giving the family words and actions of comfort and to not forget their child.

I recently received this information and I pass it on to those who read this blog. It is the address to the SANDY HOOK School where cards are being received and will be disseminated to the families of the fallen and the staff.

Here is the address and thank you.

c/o Families and Staff
12 Dickenson Drive
Sandy Hook, CT 06482
I will be posting more information as I learn how we can help the First Responders and articles on explaining tragedy to children. (If you wish, here is the link to an interview I conducted on helping children with special needs understand disasters and tragedy : Listen Here
As promised here is the address for the SANDY HOOK FIRE DEPARTMENT:
Sandy Hook Volunteer Fire and Rescue Company18-20 Riverside Road

PO Box 783

Sandy Hook, CT 06482

Attention:  Chief William Halstead

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