8 Wishes for the 8 Nights of Chanukah


CHANUKAH is a holiday that has been celebrated by Jews worldwide which commemorates the story of the Maccabees and gives all of us a little lesson about miracles. This year for Chanukah I have decided to make 8 separate wishes, one for each night we light the menorah.  I hope the wishes come true and that you all will make your own list of “wishes”.


1- May this year be filled with prosperity, the best of health and peace for all! (This is a given “wish”.  Perhaps some may say this is a universal “wish”).

2- None of us fall off the fiscal cliff, especially since WISH #1 is not likely to happen to all.

3- That calories consumed during all holidays are negated. The Chanukah potato latkes will be worth ZERO points on Weight Watchers. The chocolates on Valentine’s Day will make you LOSE weight.  You get my drift.

4- Prince William and Kate Middleton will have a healthy baby GIRL and name it Diana.

5- We will not hear ANYTHING about Lindsay Lohan, her good for nothing parents or the entire Kardashian family – ever again!

6- Brad, Angelina and the whole Jolie-Pitt family get married in a quiet ceremony and then celebrate by adopting two more kids from polar opposites of the earth (Iceland and Chile?)

7- Everyone takes personal and family safety seriously. First by taking up a CPR class and making a family disaster preparedness kit!

8-  People laugh more, complain less and be kind to each other.



p.s Feel free to add your “8” wishes below.

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