January is Check the Neck Month

Happy January everyone!  This week is the anniversary of when my thyroid and I “divorced”.  We parted ways in a surgical room at Johns Hopkins. Although it was a bitter divorce I am glad that I walked away from my experience healthier, wiser and more appreciative of the family and friends who helped play the role of CANCER WARRIOR GODDESS SUPPORTERS.  In my ongoing efforts to stop Thyroid Cancer from being a beast in another’s life, I am reminding all of you to check your dang neck!

If you have a persistent cough, are hoarse, have small lumps or unexplained weight loss or gain- it is time to go to the doctor and be an advocate for your personal health! Ask for an ultrasound, bloodwork, etc.  The facts are that cancers of the thyroid, especially among women, are on the rise. Don’t let a physician tell you that it is because of menopause, allergies, etc. I heard ALL of that and guess what.. it was CANCER!   My cancer was found on a procedure for a dental problem!

Here is some information that I also had posted on the 411 VOICES website.  And, for those who missed the PSA I made for the I AM THE FACE OF THRYOID DISEASE campaign last year, I am reposting the video.

Lastly, I don’t ask for a lot of readers.. but this time I will request one itty bitty favor.  CHECK YOUR NECK and remind someone you love to do the same! Thanks….

 To learn about Thyroid Cancer symptoms, treatment and support   see the info sites below.   

Dear Thyroid  (website)  Dear Thyroid LOVEHATEYOU (Facebook)

THYCA.org  (for information about “all things” thyroid)


Medicine Net

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