I know that there are a lot of ways to learn the basics of American Sign Language and Baby Sign language on the internet and via DVDs. One simply needs to GOOGLE ASL to see the plethora of websites, online dictionaries and materials dedicated to teaching the average hearing person how to communicate within the deaf world. However, not much is available and affordable for people who wish to incorporate sign language in to their homes or workplaces when their lives don’t allow for time or access to classes or they may have a difficult family situtation. This is why SIGNING FAMILIESis putting the finishing touches on our SIGN LANGUAGE LEARN AT HOME OR THE WORKPLACE SERIES OF ONLINE COURSES.

We are starting with SIX introductory VIDEO courses geared to help teach people from 3 to 103! EAch lesson is 20 minutes or less, as we know that you have limited time to learn during your day.  A subscription to the online courses will allow you access for 90 or more days (depending on the modules you pick).  IN addition, SKYPE™ one on one practice and learning sessions,  materials and more are available.

Here they are the links to learn more.  They are mentioned in no certain order.

The first course is the BASICS OF ASL for HOMESCHOOL STUDENTS.  I recognize that more and more students, many with exceptional needs, are being taught at home.  Many are visual learners and may profit from learning sign language, not only as a wonderful form of communication, but also as a means to help with overall development and study skills. This course is designed for this group and comes with a whole host of “add ons” including one on one practice sessions via SKYPE™.  Learn more here: HOMESCHOOL COURSE

The second course is ADAPTIVE SIGN LANGUAGE.  This course is near and dear to my heart.  I often sat in school special education IEP meetings where teams of school specialists would recommend to the parents that they learn sign language to help their child who might have had significant learning delays. Many times the parents could not obtain babysitting or afford the cost of classes within their local communities, so they never did learn.  I wanted to bring sign language training to these homes with an affordable and accessible series of lessons.  Learn more about ADAPTIVE SIGN for children with special needs and for those who live, teach or care for them here: ADAPTIVE SIGN LANGUAGE

JUST FOR KIDS, BY KIDS was created as a fun way for kids to learn from their peers.  Lessons are short, simple and geared for the preschool through elementary school crowd.  Junior teachers, Madelyn and Caroline will help teach kids basic sign language. Learn more here: JUST FOR KIDS

ASL for DENTAL PROFESSIONALS- this class was created by request.  Common signs used in the dental office to help make patients feel more comfortable.  Note: this course is not intended to substitute for the use of interpreting services. LEARN MORE HERE:  ASL FOR DENTAL OFFICES

ASL for HOTELS, RESTAURANTS and FAMILY ATTRACTIONS.  This course was designed to help families with deaf members be able to easily communicate with hearing staff in venues such as hotels, restaurants, convention centers and family vacation attractions (such as Disney World, Legoland and Busch Gardens, to name a few)  Learn more here: ASL FOR HOSPITALITY and RESTAURANTS

  This course was developed to teach the essentials and give practice strategies. Learn more here: ASL ALPHABET and NUMBERS





  1. This would be great for my family. I have progressive loss and hear nothing without my aids so I’ve been trying to teach my hubby and daughter the basics as well as getting fluent myself.

  2. I also would love to win this. My kids love to spend time on the computer…and they might as well be productive and learn. My mother is late deafened and something like this would help them learn and remember their signs better.

  3. I would LOVE to win this. I use sign in my preschool class, but I am not at all proficient at it. I would love to hone my skills and pass this on to the children.

  4. My 10 year old son is deaf. He goes to Kansas School for the Deaf and signs very fluent. I have taken classes and have learned how to sign and can communicate with my son, however, his father has never learned. This would be a great opportunity for him to learn ASL and be able to communicate with his son better.

  5. I would love to win this coarse, my son is 7 yrs old and is deaf/blind with CHARGE Syndrome….And he is AHEAD of Mom in ASL :O

  6. Me me me…I want to win. This would be great in my Special Needs Sign Language Classes. I could integrate this program while still using sign language. That way whether they are visual,auditory or tactile learners it would be a win win situation

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