Why I Think James Durbin Should WIN American Idol™

James Durbin, American Idol Top 10 Contestant

If you are not a fan of American Idol (AI) you are probably thinking that this blog is not worth your time because you have NO idea who the guy in the photo is? And… if you are an AI fan you are gearing up to either agree or disagree with me about why I think James Durbin should WIN American Idol.  So, here it goes.

I feel that James Durbin is an original and refreshing talent that the likes of never before has been seen on the AI stage (and no he is NO Adam Lambert). He can rock the audience with heavy metal as easily as he demonstrates great finesse to sing a ballad.  WOW!   And… (drumroll) whether he wants to be or not he is a champion for anyone who has lived with or loved someone with  Asperger’s Syndrome or Tourettes Syndrome– both “traits” which he proudly wears on his sleeve.

As a School Psychologist I have had “the diagnosis talk” with parents when their child showed evidence of either Asperger’s or Tourettes Syndrome.  Many times parents ask if their child would be able to do activities like “normal children”.  I tried to muster countless positive and hopeful examples.  NONE are as powerful or may have the impact as the example set  by a certain young singer-performer from Santa Cruz, California who happens to be vying for the top spot on the number one reality show of all time.  James Durbin- thank you!

Moreover, I have had the great fortune to know, work with and be friends with many people who have Tourettes or Asperger’s Syndrome.  Some of my smartest college students were members of these “groups”.  I learned more from them than they ever learned from me.  And to this day I support great causes such as Jaylen’s Challenge, Our Journey Thru Autism and the Spirit of Autism– because these groups show the positive, hopeful and realistic side of Tourettes and Asperger’s Syndrome. I also feel that parent forums on Twitter such as The Coffee Klatch– give an outlet for parents and experts to chat together in order to help each other and exchange information and guidance.  Please feel free to check out all of these websites for more details and resources.

Lastly, if James should be eliminated before the final showdown, my money is on Scotty McCreery– as the country voters may just reign supreme- and that will be all right, too!


If you are looking for more information from experts who work with children who are experiencing learning, behavioral or physical challenges- please check out 411VOICES.com       

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4 thoughts on “Why I Think James Durbin Should WIN American Idol™

  1. Our family has been watching this season, and have been cheering for James since the beginning. He’s awesome, such an inspiration! Beyond appreciating his musical talents and his pursuit of his dreams despite the challenges of Asperger’s and Tourettes, he also hails from Santa Cruz, a town that holds a special place in my heart. Rock on James! May you bring more awareness to both conditions, and serve as an shining example for the many others who are living with these conditions (as well as for those who hold false beliefs about them).

  2. I totally agree – we have been watching as a family and we love him! He is incredibly inspiring to all of us. But I have to say that if he doesn’t win, we are rooting for Casey!

  3. After not following American Idol for a few years, we are hooked and the entire family agrees – James Durbin has our hearts and top vote! It’s his passion, those long, higher than incredible notes and his story. I know his Dad is smiling down on him! His is a fighter and a survivor who sings from the heart and soul who has embraced himself. I love how Louise puts it — ‘traits’ which he proudly wears on his sleeve!!

  4. Thank you, for a well written article. I love James Durbin. Hands down he should win. I hope america gets on board for this guy and helps him to win ! It’s already been said, by Nigel a Scotty / Lauren finale. Makes me sick ! I hope the teenagers lose this time around ! and let ‘s the right person win. Come on people get family ,friends ,relatives to help this awesome and talent guy win. You have to vote the whole 2 hours thats what the da** teenagers are doing ! WIN JAMES WIN

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