We are sooo excited to announce that starting May 1st (or before) we will be offering a new set of trilingual products from SIGNING FAMILIES™**!   Soon we will be adding  to our series of trilingual communication products a large FOLDER that is wipeable with two slit pockets.  Photos in ASL and text in English and Spanish will adorn the front and back.  People can learn common words, phrases and school/medical and emergency vocabulary. This trilingual folder will have a spot for one lucky winner of the SIGNING FAMILIES™ photo contest to be included (see below for how to submit a photo of your child!).  We also will offer a wipeable and durable bookmark with photos and text!

The intent of this folder is multi-purpose.  First, we hope to foster communication within schools with anyone who uses American Sign Language. Imagine classrooms full of kids  able to sign with their deaf peer or student with learning challenges.  How great would that be for all kids to be included at the lunchroom table!?!

Next we hope that medical and emergency personnel will use these folders within their settings.  Words for nurses, physicians, therapists, rescuers and disaster relief specialists will be included.  We wish that if a person who uses ASL or Spanish as their first language should need emergency or medical assistance that this folder will act as a communication “bridge” until interpreters can arrive.  The folder and bookmark are designed for instant communication AND instructional purposes. In addition, a recent survey we conducted indicated that materials to help with the communication of the social- emotional well-being of children is needed, so we are adding signs for this, too.  For example we included social-emotional signs to help the  child  who has a serious question or wants to communicate his/her feelings of fear or sadness due to being bullied.

We know from our experiences that people learn ASL/ Spanish and English for a variety of reasons.  We also recognize that many niche groups have supported SIGNING FAMILIES™ through the years.  We hope to continue our relationships with schools, hospitals, preschools, daycare centers, homeschool groups, parents of children who have communication challenges or wish to learn ASL with their deaf/ HOH child,  Girl or Boy Scout Troops, and ASL/ Spanish students of all ages!

Here is the 411

Interested in learning more?  Need more details?  Think this would be great in your place of work or learning? Considering this as a PTA fundraiser? Gift to a school or family? Needed for your medical or emergency staff?  We’d love to chat with you!

Want to know how you can preorder?  (price prior to May 1st is $3.50 per folder.  Large group discounts will be available.  The bookmarks will be $1.49 each before May 1st.)

Shipping and handling is always free for individual orders.

Advertising opportunities MAY be available.

ALL Inquiries will be taken by EMAIL only at INFO@SIGNINGFAMILIES.COM

And now for the contest info: 
Your child’s photo can be the winner of our contest and appear on our folder:

Submit one photo (jpeg only) to

Be sure your child is making a sign such as  I LOVE YOU or MORE.

Submission taken for contest no later than Feb 14th.

A single winner will be announced on Feb 15th.

Winner will be receiving a place on our folder and SIGNING FAMILIES™ product prizes.

Winner must be able to attend a photoshoot in Maryland OR be able to send a hi resolution photo according to photographer specifics if unable to attend session in Maryland).  Transportation to and from the photoshoot is at the expense of the winner and NOT of SIGNING FAMILIES or Louise Sattler (yep that is the legal jargon).

Hurry- many submissions have been received and we want to included YOURS in our contest.  Judges will be looking for kids who appear to LOVE to sign!!

Thanks for reading!


Also noteworthy….

**Please note that this trilingual folder and bookmark and all of the series has been copyrighted with Design Media Pros being our team for graphic design.  All rights reserved 2010 Signing Families™

Visit our website at for all workshop and product information.  Louise is now booking workshops in to Fall 2011 and 2012.  Very few dates are available for Spring or Summer.  Email now if you are in need of a workshop or guest speaking appearance…


  1. What a wonderful product! I did sign with both of my kids (we still do!) but it would be nice to include some Spanish as well – it would be a learning experience for all of us! Good luck with everything 🙂

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