Louise Interviews Jaylens Challenge Winner- Bruce Holtgren

Listen to the interview here: Louise Interviews Bruce Holtgren

Last Summer I was asked by Robin Arnold, mom to Jaylen, the dynamo behind JaylensChallenge.org– to contribute some items for an online auction.  I decided to offer one auction winner an interview with me to discuss any family friendly topic he or she wished.  Lucky for me Bruce Holtgren won as he was a sensational interviewee!

Bruce is a man who has worked in media most of his life.  He hails from New Mexico but has lived for many, many years in Cincinnati.  He is a lover of sports, the arts and helping kids.  He also has Tourettes Syndrome.  However, Bruce didn’t want to focus his interview on being an adult with Tourettes.  Instead he wanted to emphasize that the world would be much better if we all invested in kindness and helping our children.  He also is a strong advocate for improving our current educational system.  Now it should be evident why we got along so well!  Bruce and I talked for quite some time about how adult volunteers could really be a source of support for so many children.  We also discussed how children need to have great adult role models who read to them, spend time listening to them and being proactive vs. reactive.  He had a lot of terrific ideas.

And when the serious conversation hit a natural lull I asked Bruce about a city I never have explored- Cincinnati!  He recommended his favorite chili spot, where to see the best vistas of the city and much more.  He also likes his sports teams!

And his “top pick” for a gift this holiday season?  Well, I ‘ll let you listen to the interview for that nugget! You may just be surprised!

Enjoy meeting Bruce Holtgren, a really nice guy and winner of Jaylens Challenge!

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