Happy Halloween!

I LOVE HALLOWEEN!  In fact, I seriously think it may be my favorite holiday.  Halloween reminds me of shear fun growing up.  No grand expectations that happens around the  “winter holidays” or a birthday.. just fun and frolicking with friends.  It also is a good excuse for me to show readers of this blog a few ASL signs used during Halloween.  Who knows- a deaf child may appear at your door this year and wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could sign to them?  Here are common HALLOWEEN SIGNS in video form and then two still photos for PLEASE and THANK YOU/ YOU ARE WELCOME

ENJOY!! Oh and I almost forgot- I am trying out new “themes” for my blog…. hope you like this GREEN one..

PLEASE- rotate over your heart two times
THANK YOU/ YOU ARE WELCOME (with a head nod for acknowledgement)

Thank you for reading!  Louise Sattler is is a psychologist who just happens to own, SIGNING FAMILIES™– an instructional sign language company that teaches people ASL worldwide. Interested in learning more about SIGN LANGUAGE- go to http://www.SigningFamilies.com

Oh and in case you haven’t heard the rumor-  Louise is a national radio show host, too!!  Soon to be on the new HerInsight network with the LOUISE SATTLER SHOW- WHERE LEARNING MEETS LAUGHTER!  Coming soon!! Want to be a guest- email Louise at info@signingfamilies.com- make your pitch.  Who knows- you may just get a call!

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