Signing Families provides educational programs & products to promote communication & disaster preparedness, including AFN workshops.

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Louise is frequently called upon to participate in media events and is a popular choice for speaking at conferences and seminars.

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411 Voices

Louise is the co-founder of this women's media group. 411 VOICES experts amplify the vision of companies with our collective voices of influence.

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Looking for online sign language courses? Disaster Preparedness videos? Or a fun interviews (from the red carpet with Louise!)

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Recent Articles

On hallowed ground – the Pentagon Memorial to 9/11 Victims

This past month I had the opportunity to visit the new Pentagon Memorial - dedicated to those who lost their lives on 9/11. It takes your breath away. So many benches Each chair in the outside memorial signifies a loss. A navy officer who was at his desk. A family going on vacation across country. Tweens from a Washing...

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Photography using the iPhone 5C

What kind of pics can the new iPhone 5 take by an amateur? - You be the judge!...

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